Halevy Life Internships

deadline 01 June 2017
employer Halevy Life
type Internship
approved No

Halevy Life, is a highly acclaimed luxury training facility located in New York City. For the first time, we are seeking interns for an amazing opportunity to work along our team of coaches as well as our nationally renowned advisory board (Dr. Charlie Weingroff, Dr. Jennifer Solomon, Dean Somerset).

Halevy Life is more than just a gym. We are a turnkey fitness solution focusing on health optimization in a holistic approach. This includes nutrition, clinical-grade metabolic testing, body composition testing, yoga, physical therapy and other regenerative modalities. The exposure to such a variety of approaches will help interns get a head step up on any other health professional coming out of school or currently in the field and learn the practical applications of exercise science.

Over the course of 12 weeks participants will be fully immersed into Halevy Life's day-to-day operations. Unlike many other internships and mentorships, Halevy Life interns will become a key part of our team and will progress through different learning modules. While they learn how Halevy Life operates as a whole, they will perfect their skills as coaches through learning proper cuing and how to regress and progress exercises. The majority of their coaching will be conducted during our group training sessions and during downtime they will be tasked with other supporting duties. There is an extensive educational component involved including time with our owner Jeff Halevy, exposure to the clinical aspect of club with Dr. Jennifer Solomon, and full access to all coaches on our staff. Additionally interns will be involved in weekly staff meetings and coaches forums along with bi-weekly staff in-services. There will be a 500 dollar stipend offered per month of the program to help assist with any commuting or living costs.

Summer: June 1st - August 31st
Fall: September 15th - December 15th
Winter: December 16th - February 16th
Spring: March 1st - May 31st

Contact with applications and inquiries. Please indicate in the application which internship period you are applying for.