Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

deadline 28 June 2017
employer Abilene Christian University
type Full-time

Director of Strength & Conditioning

For the purposes of ACU's Background Check and Self-Reporting Policy, this position is classified as security sensitive.

Exempt/Full time

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The key principles of this job are to:

1. Support ACU's Mission: Educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.
2. Support ACU's 21st Century Vision: By 2020, ACU will become the premier university for the education of Christ-centered, global leaders.
3. Support the Mission & Vision of the ACU Athletic Department to honor Christ through excellence in academics and athletics.

Scope: Responsible to the Associate Director of Athletics to promote, enhance, and carryout oversight of the strength and conditioning program and maintaining compliance with all ACU, Southland Conference and NCAA rules and guidelines. Promote development of the university's vision within their program and oversight of the academic, athletic and spiritual development of student athletes. Enhancement of the program's image to the general public and across the university as well as establishing sound financial practices and when necessary fundraising.

I. Basic Responsibilities

A. Responsible for overseeing every aspect of the weight room
B. Maintain a safe and functional weight room
C. Organize, develop, implement and teach off-season and in-season training programs
D. Assist with special events concerning Elmer Gray Track Stadium or Powell Fitness Center
E. Assist in student-athlete's development

II. Essential Duties include the following. Other duties may be assigned. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals to perform the essential functions.

A. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the weight room
1. Adheres to all ACU, SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE and NCAA policies, procedures and bylaws pertaining to student-athletes, prospects, recruiting, etc.
2. Coordinate training facilities, maintenance of equipment and monitoring of budget
3. Supervision of student workers in the fitness center
i. Responsible for hiring and approving time of student hires
ii. Ensure proper training in areas related to weight training, health and safety, and compliance of student hires.
4. Ensure weight room guests are in compliance with NCAA regulations.

B. Maintain a safe and functional weight room
1. Responsible for daily equipment inspections monitoring wear and tear.
2. Implementation of maintenance schedule for equipment.
3. Knowledge of upgrade requirements and equipment purchasing.
4. Keep abreast of ever-changing information concerning strength training equipment.
5. Provide a safe environment conducive for student-athlete physical development.

C. Organize, develop and implement off-season and in-season training programs
1. Knowledge of newest ideas and techniques in strength training
2. Coordinate training times for all sports, with special consideration and priority given to sports "in season".
3. Oversight of the development of sport-specific conditioning programs for assigned teams that are scientifically-based, involve a regimen of exercises and drills to optimize strength, power, flexibility, mobility, agility, speed and/or work capacity-designed to enhance sport performance and decrease injury potential.
4. Modify workouts in coordination with sports medicine staff for student-athletes with injuries, ailments and/or other limitations.

D. Assist with special events in relation to Elmer Gray Track Stadium or Powell Fitness Center
1. Familiarity with facilities and facility use protocol on campus.
2. Have flexible and helpful attitude to coaches, students, camp directors, etc.
3. Present a positive image of the department and university to the general public when using these facilities for special events.

E. Assist in student-athlete development
1. Responsible for student-athlete strength and conditioning development.
2. Assist in the spiritual, personal and athletic development for student-athletes.

III. Professional Development Requirements:

A. Skills

1. Interpersonal and communication skills
2. Organizational skills
3. Knowledge of strength, conditioning, and speed development

B. Training Modules Required

1. Leadership and management workshops
2. Strength clinics/seminars
3. Technology training to meet university requirements

IV. Qualifications:

ACU is affiliated with the fellowship of the Church of Christ. This position requires the employee to be a professing Christian and to be willing to support the Christian mission of ACU.

A. Professional

1. Bachelor's Degree (Master's preferred)
2. CSCCa/SCCC certification and/or NCSA/CSCS certification; CPR and AED certified required
3. 2-3 years' experience training student-athletes at the collegiate level (Division I experience preferred).
4. Leadership, supervisor and management experience
5. Ethics and integrity to work within rules of NCAA and the SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE

B. Personal

1. Self-motivated, flexible, and creative
2. Excellent people skills, exhibiting ability to interact well with all levels of staff, faculty, and administration.
3. Excellent communication and professional skills
4. Upholds and promotes the Christian morals, ethics, loyalty to the University and the ACU Mission
5. A positive role model in daily life and actions

V. Physical Demands

A. Ability to demonstrate physical tasks required to properly execute lifting and speed exercises.
B. Fitness required to endure long periods of standing or walking.
C. Ability to endure travel and non-traditional work hours

I understand that the mission of Abilene Christian University is to educate students for Christian service and leadership through the world. Because of ACU's commitment to this principle and my commitment to God, people and learning, my actions will exemplify integrity, service, stewardship, involvement, and excellence.