Part Time Assistant

deadline 15 June 2017
employer Western Carolina University
type Full-time

We have 2 part-time positions available. Salary depends on job experience and ranges from $10-$15,000/year. Position is a 10-month position with the months of December and either May or June off, depending on which sport responsibilities are taken. Applicant needs to have a strong background in programming strength, speed, agility, power, core and flexibility training and may be required to submit a program before hire. Candidates must be CPR/AED certified, and hold one of the following certifications: CSCCa - SCCC, NSCA-CSCS. We may also accept NASM-PES if the applicant is pursuing the CSCS or SCCC. The candidate must have 6 months job experience in a college athletic strength and conditioning setting. Amongst the two positions we are looking for experience with Track, Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Golf and Tennis. The positions may also assist with Football, Basketball and/or baseball. The sport teams assigned to each position will be based on the strengths of the candidate.