Spring 2018 Football & Baseball Internship

deadline 01 December 2017
employer The University of New Mexico
type Internship
approved No

Apply now for the BEST internship in the nation! UNM offers an experience unlike any other! Interns will work closely with a championship caliber teams in a state of the art facility. Like most other internships, you will wake up early, you will do menial labor, you will not get paid. You will, however, be treated with dignity and respect. You will be challenged to take ownership over player-development. Your strengths will be enhanced; your weaknesses snuffed out. In short, you will become a strength coach. What sets our internship apart is our curriculum. Designed to be neither an academic exercise nor a mere repetition of certification exams, our systematic curriculum helps would-be strength coaches grasp the intangible skills and standards of the profession. Interns who take the position seriously will likely secure future positions as a strength coach with the assistance of a strength staff dedicated to professional advancement. Candidates should possess, or have a set test date for, their SCCC or CSCS certification.

The internship will begin January 7th and end May 4th. If you are prepared to take the next step in your career, email a single PDF document of your resume, cover letter, and references to Coach John McWilliams Jr. Inquiries must be received prior to December 1st, 2017 for full consideration.