Arkansas State Internship

deadline 25 August 2018
employer Arkansas State University
type Internship
approved Yes

The Athletic Performance Staff at Arkansas State University is looking for hard working and unique individuals of varying backgrounds, experiences and talents to contribute to the success of the athletic department. Individuals will have the opportunity to work with all of Arkansas State's sport programs and work under a CSCCa approved mentor. This internship will allow you to gain experience, have fun and use your talents in athletic performance, nutrition, sport psychology, teaching, video, music, social-media and more while directly impacting the success of Arkansas State Athletics. You will gain first-hand knowledge from a staff proficient in areas such as: athletic performance, sport psychology, nutrition, exercise physiology, speed development, power lifting, Olympic lifting and CrossFit. While, there will be endless opportunities to learn from staff members, gain experience and develop your talents, new members of the staff will also be included in staff social events. Additionally, 1-2 meals will be provided per day and all you can eat/make PB&Js. Individuals will join a young energetic staff who creates a fun work environment, minus the head guy who's old and bald, but still deadlifts 700+. If you are hoping to enjoy your fall internship, gain experience and learn from a staff of diverse backgrounds then please, contact Max Tilden at .