Sports Performance Coach, Level 1, Full-Time, Exempt

deadline 04 March 2019
employer Baylor, Scott, & White
type Full-time

The Sports Performance Coach is responsible for assisting in the development and delivery of evidence-based and systematic performance training programs for the ST&R SPC athletes and members. Other areas of responsibility will include accepting and providing direction across a variety categories including diagnostics, recovery, and nutrition, and supporting outside organizations affiliated with the SPC. They will provide hands-on coaching and instruction with a high level of energy and professionalism to deliver a unique and exceptional experience for all athletes. Programming will be delivered to support individual, small-group, and team training for a variety of populations whom differ by age, gender, level and ability. Programming will include core, balance, stabilization, strength, power, speed & agility development to support each individual’s needs and goals to decrease risk of injury and increase performance capacity and output. They will also work to collaborate with other team members to ensure an integrated athlete-centric experience with a specific focus on improved performance outcomes across a variety categories. They are driven to exceed expectations and work within our organizational philosophy.

Department: Sports Performance Center (SPC) at The Star
Reports To: Director of Performance

Contact: Jeff Fish -