CSCCa Newsroom

National Rugby Football League Recruitment

16 September 2015

Dear Strength & Conditioning Coaches,

Please make your athletes aware of this opportunity as you see fit. Thank you!

Dr. Chuck Stiggins
CSCCa Executive Director

The National Rugby Football League (NRFL) is the first professional rugby league in the United States, slated to begin league play in 2017. We are recruiting athletes across the country to find players to develop into professional rugby players. We are holding six NRFL Regional Combines around the country between October and May of 2016 in order to find these athletes and begin the developmental process. Upon the start of the league in 2017 (April-July), we will be offering players an average salary of $100,000/year. For any athletes interested in registering for one of our NRFL Regional Combines, please use the following link:

Contact person: Shawn Zobel, Director of Player Personnel, 952-835-4364,