University of Portland Internship Opportunities

deadline 07 August 2021
employer University of Portland
type Internship
approved No

University of Portland Internship Opportunities

University of Portland, located in Portland, OR is seeking motivated candidates for our internship program. These positions are 16-weeks in length (Fall Semester-August 23rd-Dec. 10th / Spring Semester-Jan. 10th-April 29th). Qualified candidates will work directly with various Olympic sport teams, actively participate in weekly continuing education/development sessions, and partake in a final project. This is an UNPAID POSITION but provides a comprehensive learning opportunity. Details about the program are listed below:

The University of Portland Internship Program is designed to create an experience that will provide a foundation for future success in the Sports Performance field. Through an evidence-based curriculum, interns will be given the opportunity to develop the qualities necessary to become a well-rounded coach. This is accomplished through weekly readings and assignments, as well as practical application within team and staff training. Interns will learn how to design comprehensive sports performance programs, learn how to effectively coach and communicate with student-athletes, and complete a project that will be decided on by the Director of Sports Performance. This project will be based on each individual’s strengths and interests, as well as department needs. Final performance reviews will be conducted at the end of each internship cycle to provide feedback on professionalism, knowledge, coaching skill, productivity, and teamwork.


  • Educate interns on both the theoretical and practical application of our performance principles
  • Educate interns on all components that contribute to a comprehensive performance program
  • Educate interns on movement progressions/regressions related to long-term athletic development
  • Educate interns on effective coaching techniques
  • Expose interns to a variety of NCAA Division-1 sports
  • Earn the right to gain on floor coaching experience


  • Assist in training sessions for assigned teams
    oSet-up and breakdown
    oImplementation of athlete/team program
    oTraining evaluation
    oData entry and athlete monitoring
  • Assist in facility maintenance
    oDaily facility cleaning
    oEquipment maintenance
  • Actively participate in meetings and training
    oParticipate in weekly continuing education sessions
    oParticipate in staff training
    oCome prepared with questions
  • Complete all required reading, assignments, and projects
    oComplete assigned tasks on time
    oCome prepared to present and ask questions

  • First-hand experience assisting with the implementation of training across multiple Division1 sports and athletes.
  • Assist with and learn multiple program design methods.
  • Exposure to comprehensive performance programs including strength, power, ESD, speed & agility, testing & assessment, and athlete monitoring & data analytics.
  • Develop organizational skills, resume building & interview skills, and communication & teaching skills.
  • Earned recommendation through dedication and hard work.

    Internship Curriculum

  • Relationships, Communication, and Collaboration
  • Comprehensive Wellness: Sleep, Nutrition, Hydration, & Stress/Time Management
  • Assessment, Evaluation, & Testing
  • Pre-Activity Preparation
  • Speed, Agility, & Plyometrics
  • Foundational Lifts & Progressions
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Energy System Development
  • Program Design & Periodization
  • Athlete Monitoring & Data Analytics

  • Obtained or working towards SCCC (CSCCa) certification preferred.

    Application Due Dates
    Fall Positions - Aug. 7th
    Spring Positions - Dec. 1st

    Interested applicants should send resume and 3 recommendations to Griffin Waller at