Director of Strength and Conditioning

deadline 01 October 2021
employer D'Youville Atheltics
type Full-time

Purpose of Position:
The Director of Strength and Conditioning is responsible for managing, leading and overseeing all aspects related to the operations of the Strength & Conditioning Department. The position requires a high degree of knowledge, experience, passion, energy and enthusiasm to lead a department which develops D’Youville student-athletes to reach their highest potential mentally and physically, reduce injury, increase consistency and confidence in performance, and contribute to higher winning percentages, ECC championships, and unrivalled student-athlete experiences. All programming in strength & conditioning should be specific and prepare our student-athletes to meet and exceed the demands of the sport and modified to meet the athlete's position requirements.

Tasks/Duties Performed:
- The Director of Strength and Conditioning will be responsible for all phases of program development for 15 NCAA Division II teams.
- Oversees programming that includes Olympic lifts, functional strength and power exercises, flexibility and pliability for body management, balance and coordination, quality of movement and athleticism, and linear and multi-directional speed development exercises to meet the demands of the athlete's position, level, event and sport.
- Instructs the team, group or individual student-athletes in the safe, correct, optimized and efficient execution of exercises to obtain the desired results as well as ensure the health, and mental and physical safety of the student-athlete.
- Instructs student-athletes in safe and effective spotting techniques and procedures to optimize the effects of the exercise.
- Instructs student-athletes in body management such as correctives, pre-habilitation, and re-generation exercises to reduce unnecessary injuries, and increase in consistency and confidence in competitive performance.
- Responsible for all phases of managing and developing staff of graduate and intern-level strength & conditioning coaches.
- Cooperative and collaborative interaction with department, campus members and sports coaches for an integrated team approach.
- Responsible for oversight of strength & conditioning spaces, including identification of equipment needs and maintenance.
- Participation in fundraising and revenue generation activities.
- Planning and scheduling of on and off field strength & conditioning sessions.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
- Ability to work non-traditional business hours including evenings, weekends and holidays when necessary.
- Strong interpersonal, organizational, written and oral communication skills.
- Knowledge of NCAA rules, education and training.
- Ability to receive telephone calls, respond to inquiries and communicate with others by telephone.
- Ability to execute supervisory techniques, leadership training, and appropriate team operation.
- Knowledge of appropriate computer programs as they relate to the position.

Minimum Qualifications:
- Bachelor’s degree and three years of relevant experience.
- Strong administrative and organizational skills.
- SCCC Certified.

Preferred Qualifications:
- Master’s or Juris Doctorate degree and four years of experience in NCAA Athletics.
- Experience with management and oversight of employees.

To Apply:
- Send resume to Associate AD/SWA Rebecca Capinera