Board of Directors

The CSCCa Board of Directors consists of 10 Master Strength and Conditioning Coaches (MSCCs), and three Special Advisers to the Board. The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the organization and its functions.

Criteria for Board Service

  • Current membership in the association
  • SCCC Certified
  • An MSCC elected by the general membership for a three year term

Current Board Membership

Dr. Chuck Stiggins

Executive Director

Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association

Ethan Reeve

CSCCa President

Wake Forest University

Stacey Torman

CSCCa Vice President

University of Alabama, Birmingham

Kevin Yoxall

Board Member

Ed Ellis

Board Member

University of Georgia

Mickey Marotti

Board Member

Ohio State University

Scott Bennett

Board Member

Radford University

Gregory Werner

Board Member

Virginia Tech University

Don Decker

Board Member

New Mexico State University

Ken Mannie

Board Member

Michigan State University

Chris Doyle

Board Member

University of Iowa

Joey Batson

Board Member

Clemson University

Jeff Madden

Special Advisor

Rob Oviatt

Special Advisor

E.J. Doc Kreis

Special Advisor

Al Johnson

Special Advisor

East Tennessee State University