Exhibitor Information

Due to the circumstances caused by COVID-19, the 2020 CSCCa National Conference in Orlando, FL has been cancelled. As we always strive to put the health and safety of our exhibitors and members first, this action was necessary. If you had already registered for the 2020 National Conference, please contact the CSCCa Office at info@cscca.org to rollover your booth payment to the 2021 National Conference in Fort Worth, TX or to receive a refund.

Official 2020 Booth Payment Refund Policy:

The CSCCa will either refund 100% of the booth registration fee (not including the non-refundable booth deposit--$200 per booth) or roll it over to next year’s national conference. The non-refundable booth deposit, however, will be applied to a booth reservation for the 2021 CSCCa national conference to be held in Fort Worth, Texas. This will ensure that you have the opportunity to recover all of the financial investment made to exhibit at the 2020 CSCCa National Conference.

Our Show Decorator, JP Display, has been notified of the cancellation of the 2020 CSCCa National Conference so your credit cards have not and will not be processed, and your order will automatically be cancelled. Hopefully, you have not shipped any freight to the Advance Warehouse address as this is subject to labor fees for unloading, storing, and reloading the freight onto the carrier’s truck. As of yesterday, any orders received by the warehouse will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender unless JP Display is notified with of an alternative preference. Any questions regarding this matter should be addressed to JP Display at Rick@jpdisplay.com

Important Refund Processing Information:

Please notify the CSCCa via email at info@cscca.org whether you would like to roll over your booth payment or be refunded. Refunds will be sent via check in the mail. If you would like a refund, please provide us with the correct name to make the check out to and the address to which it should be sent.

Advertising Opportunities to the CSCCa Membership:

The CSCCa is working closely with Three Cycle Media to develop the CSCCa 20th Anniversary Edition and Member Directory. A physical copy of this publication will be mailed to ALL CSCCa members on July 2, 2020. This provides you with a great opportunity to keep your company in front of CSCCa membership throughout the year as this is a physical copy which will include articles and features regarding the 20 year journey of the CSCCa, as well as a Membership Directory.

The CSCCa is also working with Three Cycle Media to develop a Special CSCCa Exhibitor Directory Edition of the CSCCa Monthly, the organization’s email newsletter, which will be released in May and promoted in each subsequent edition of CSCCa Monthly for the remainder of the year, for a total of 8 emails newsletters.

For a $95 inclusion fee, your company will have the following included in both of the above publications: Company name, website, general/toll-free number, and a 10-15 word company description. This inclusion fee can be deducted from the refundable portion of your 2020 booth payment before we refund you or roll it over to the 2021 National Conference per your instruction, or paid via mailed check or credit card payment over the phone. (Note all credit card payments are subject to a 2.75% processing fee.) At this time, check in the mail is the best mode of payment for the CSCCa as the entire staff is working remotely.

CSCCa Sponsors will automatically receive a complimentary deluxe listing in the Special CSCCa Exhibitor Directory Edition of the CSCCa Monthly as well as priority placement in the CSCCa 20th Anniversary Edition and Member Directory.

Advertisers in either the CSCCa 20th Anniversary Edition and Member Directory or the Special CSCCa Exhibitor Directory Edition of the CSCCa Monthly will receive a complimentary deluxe listing in the online exhibitor directory.

Contact Todd Rank with Three Cycle Media at trank@threecyclemedia.com for more information.

***To be included in the 2020 print and online exhibitor publications, you must have your company information and inclusion fee payment submitted by May 1, 2020. Please contact us at info@cscca.org with any questions.

Hotel Cancellations:

If you made hotel accommodations at the Coronado Springs Resort within the CSCCa room block, your room reservations will be automatically cancelled. If you booked outside of the room block or through an alternative booking service, you will need to cancel the reservations independently. We have not yet been notified by Disney World whether or not you can expect to receive an email confirming cancellation of your reservation.

We are all in this together and look forward to continuing to work with you to promote your products to our member coaches. We appreciate your patience as we work through the challenges Covid-19 has presented. We sincerely appreciate your support of the CSCCa and encourage everyone to take all necessary precautions to remain safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2021 National Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, May 5th-7th!


More information on becoming an exhibitor at the 2021 CSCCa National Conference will be made available soon!

2021 Booth Diagram (Booths marked in red are reserved.)

2021 Booth Diagram

Interested in Sponsoring a Speaker?

If you are interested in sponsoring a speaker at the 2021 CSCCa National Conference, please feel free to submit a proposal including the topic and speaker. Speaker proposals can be submitted to info@cscca.org. While there is no deadline for speaker proposals, the 2020 Speaker Committee has already begun the process of reviewing proposals and we recommend submitting proposals as soon as possible.