Marquette University Sports Performance Coach Internship

deadline 30 November 2018
employer Marquette University
type Internship
approved Yes

Spring 2019: Jan 14th - May 3rd


Potential coaches should be highly motivated with a strong desire to work in a fast paced and competitive Division I environment. Successful candidates should have prior weight room experience in collegiate or professional athletics. Additionally, candidates should be working towards completion of a bachelor's/master's degree and/or have a strong desire to gain experience in the field of sports performance enhancement. Preferred qualifications include prior classes in anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics, and exercise physiology as well as certification through the CSCCa, NSCA, or USAW.

Must be eligible to work in the United States (US citizen, valid student visa, resident alien etc)


No monetary compensation. Class credit toward graduation with prior institution approval.

Approved CSCCa - SCCC practicum site.


Departmental objective:

-Develop impactful, forward thinking coaches who possess the necessary skill-sets to excel in the field of sports performance enhancement

Intern coach objectives:

-Gain coaching experience in accordance with the philosophy of the department and the goals of the Division I athletics programs
-Work closely with all sports performance coaches with varied backgrounds in academic, collegiate and pro sport settings

-Develop technical proficiency in performing and coaching the foundational and Olympic lifts
-In-house certification mimics and prepares coaches for CSCCa and NSCA certifications

-Progress through a continually evolving and holistic coach development program covering (but not limited to):
-The art and the science of coaching
-Relationship development and connecting with all athletes
-Theory, development and application of periodization for collegiate athletics (semester assignment)
-Theory, instrumentation and implementation of performance evaluation protocols
-Understanding, operation and interpretation of player load management systems (Catapult)
-Understanding, operation and interpretation of velocity based training modalities (EliteForm/Tendo/PUSH)
-Cover letter and resume building for sports performance
-Presentation technique and public speaking for sports performance
-Resourcing and networking techniques for the 21st century

The successful candidate should be motivated to enter into a demanding schedule of coaching and professional development while bringing his/her own unique set of skills to collaborate and better the staff, coaches and student athletes at Marquette University.


It is the mission of the Marquette Sports Performance Staff and Athletic Department to invest in young professionals who demonstrate a growth mindset and unwavering passion for their field. We welcome all applicants who meet the qualifications criteria above and encourage young, dedicated professionals with a varied and valuable background to apply.

Interested coaches should submit a cover letter, resume and 3 references to Coach Stuart Roche using the contact information below. Note that your cover letter should not summarize information already detailed in your resume, but expand on the experiences and desire to grow in this field.

Stuart Roche
700 N 12th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 750-4111

Golden Eagles in the Field - What they had to say about their experience

Paul Mentele (Fall '14 - Sport Science Intern Texas A&M University): A sports performance intern gets to work in a high-caliber facility under high-caliber tutelage. The athletes and coaches expect a high standard of excellence in your work and are able to put you in a position for success.

Joey Davey (Summer '15 - Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach University of Wyoming): Marquette not only has the technology that other big time programs have, but they allow you to use them to grow as a practitioner and be competitive when entering the industry. Some of the best young coaches with outstanding jobs in a competitive field have ties to Marquette and that speaks for itself.

Lindsey Nicholson (Fall '15 - Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Oregon State University): Collaboration with sport coaches, athletic trainers, athletes, administrators and other strength coaches is something that you must handle as a strength coach, and this internship does a remarkable job preparing you for that.

Vince Dray (Fall '16 - Milwaukee Brewers Strength and Conditioning Intern): I regularly reflect on how valuable my experience was at Marquette. I owe a lot of my recent growth in the field to the time I spent as an intern at Marquette.

Andrew Kossow (Spring '16 - Marquette University High School Strength and Conditioning Coach): The internship set me apart from my peers to reach my professional goal of becoming a full-time sports performance coach, which occurred merely months after my internship.

Molly Pfeiffer (Fall '16 - Marquette Student Athlete - Soccer/Stanford Sports Performance Intern): The staff create an atmosphere in which you can find your coaching voice, develop a philosophy, and add to your toolbox. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to make those amazing connections and further my knowledge with a staff that has meant so much to me. Marquette University Athletics is something special!