Clemson Basketball Summer 2019 Internships

deadline 01 March 2019
employer Clemson University
type Internship
approved No

Clemson University Basketball Strength & Conditioning is seeking qualified applicants for our volunteer/unpaid summer internship program. This position will work directly with the basketball programs, and be afforded the opportunity to observe and assist Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning athletic teams.

Interns will gain experience in a highly competitive Division I Collegiate Strength and Conditioning setting. Our fully comprehensive Internship Curriculum will offer many learning opportunities through work assignments, guest speakers, discussions, and hand-ons workshops to help build a solid coaching foundation, as well as future recommendation toward employment. Interns will work directly with the Director of Basketball Strength & Conditioning, Mike Bewley and Assistant Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach, Kaitlyn Cunningham, in combination with staff members of Clemson Olympic Strength & Conditioning. Candidates must be working towards or received a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in exercise science or related field.

Candidates must also complete the following:
-Complete a personality test (
-1-PDF File that includes: Cover letter, resume & references, minimum of three
-A 60-second video or less of why you think you’re a viable candidate for the Clemson University Basketball Strength & Conditioning Internship.

Candidates with an unwavering desire to become a strength and conditioning coach need only apply. If you meet the aforementioned qualifications, please forward the details outlined below to the following email: Last day to submit application will be Friday, March 1, 2019. Applications will NOT be accepted after this date - no exceptions.