Certification Boards

Dr. Kristen Ouellette


Kristen Ouellette PhD Exercise Science, CSCS: Kristen is currently an Exercise and Sport Science faculty member at Springfield College, teaching courses in strength and conditioning, personal training and measurement. Kristen is also a performance coach for Renaissance Periodization and the MA State Director for the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Her previous professional experience includes teaching students who are becoming strength coaches and personal trainers, as well as training athletes of all ages and ability levels at the collegiate and high school level. She has coached and interned at some of the premier training facilities in the United States and prides herself on being an adaptable and open-minded professional. Prior to her appointment at Springfield College, Kristen was the NSCA State Director for Utah, trained the University of Utah Women's Lacrosse Team and was a Graduate Assistant in the Exercise Science Department. Kristen's research interests include applied exercise physiology with an emphasis on sports performance and sports science/analytics.


PhD University of Utah: Exercise Physiology

MS University of Connecticut: Kinesiology

BA University of New Hampshire: Kinesiology

National Strength and Conditioning Association: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Mountain Tactical Institute: Military Athlete Certified Coach

Current Position

  • Assistant Professor of Applied Exercise Science: Springfield College
  • State Director: MA - National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Other Positions Held

  • Performance Consultant: Renaissance Periodization
  • Performance Research Consultant: Mountain Tactical Institute
  • Graduate Assistant: University of Utah
  • Director: National Personal Training Institute Boston MA
  • Performance Coach: Competitive Athlete Training Zone Hingham MA
  • Assistant Coach of Women's Soccer: University of Connecticut
  • Assistant Coach of Women's Soccer: Marist College
  • Publications

    Ouellette, K. A., Brusseau, T. A., Davidson, L. E., Ford, C., Hatfield, D. L., Shaw, J. M., & Eisenman, P. A. (2016). Comparison of the effects of seated, supine and walking inter-set rest strategies upon work rate. Journal of strength and conditioning research/National Strength & Conditioning Association.

    Dissertation: The Epidemiology of Physical Activity in Bariatric Surgical Patients. Graduation, Spring 2014.

    Brown, J., Tran A., Ouellette K, Young L, Waller M. Comparison of Body Fat as Determined by Air Displacement Plethysmography and Two Body Adiposity Index Equations. National Strength and Conditioning Association National Conference. Las Vegas, NV, July, 2013.

    Ouellette, K., Shaul R. (2011, February). The Afghanistan Pre-Deployment Training Program. Retrieved from http://www.nscalift.org/TSAC/TSAC_Report_16.pdf

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