2012 National Conference

Brian M. Cain, MS, CMAA

Training Mental Toughness Through Strength & Conditioning


Brian Cain's presentation will be on the MMA Mental Conditioning - What UFC World Champions Know About The Mental Game That You Can Use With Your Athletes In The Weightroom

Cain's fast paced, action packed presentation will have audience members off their feet in an interactive and engaging process that teaches you what Cain does when working with the four UFC World Champions he has worked with as well as with neumerous top college athletic programs around the country includeing The University of Alabama, Auburn Univeristy, The Univeristy of Southern California, The University of Maryland, Florida State and more. Cain is one of the top Mental Conditioning Coaches in the country and will give you practical and useful ideas on ways you can coach mental toughness in the weight room at your school and help give you as a strength coach an added value you can brnig to your program and use to help separate you from the rest of the pack.


Brian Cain is one of the world's most sought after peak performance coaches and sport psychology experts. An educational leader who has worked with and mentored some of the best athletic programs at the college and high school level as well as world champion coaches and athletes, Cain will teach you the mental conditioning system necessary to perform at your best when it means the most.

His clients include Ultimate Fighting Championship World Champions Georges St. Pierre, Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort and Rich Franklin, as well as the Washington Nationals. Cain has worked with various teams at The University of Alabama, Auburn University, The University of Maryland, Vanderbilt University, The University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, The University of Tennessee, The University of Iowa, North Carolina State University, Florida State, Yale University, Texas Christian University, The University of Southern California, Washington State University, Oregon State University, Baylor University, the University of Houston, Cal State Fullerton and many more.

Cain has addressed audiences of over 5,000 and with his energetic approach he engages and motivates his audiences to take massive action. Cain's unique approach to peak performance will help you unlock your potential and give you the competitive advantage over your opponents.

Cain has also worked with ESPN/Sports Illustrated High School national powers The Woodlands (Texas), Southlake Carroll (Texas) Duncanville (Texas) and Punaho (Hawaii) and has been a part of over 20 NCAA Confernce Championships and 15 MLB First Round Picks in the last four years.

A best-selling author, Cain's book Toilets, Bricks, Fish Hooks and PRIDE: The Peak Performance Toolbox EXPOSED sold 3200 copies in just 32 days. His approach to writing will keep you engaged and informed as he shares personal experiences working with some of the best programs, coaches and athletes in the world.

A former college baseball coach at Cal State Fullerton, adjunct professor of sport psychology, high school teacher, coach and athletic director, Cain has dedicated his life to studying, modeling and teaching the strategies of the most successful people in the world. Cain will help you simplify the complex and give you easy to use and effective strategies that can be applied immediately to drastically improve the quality of your performance.