2012 National Conference

Scheduled speakers

Al Johnson

Northwestern University Football Off-Season Strength and Conditioning Program

Billy Anderson

Baseball Strength & Conditioning

Charity Butler

Female Strength & Conditioning Coaches Breakfast Keynote Speaker

Darren Edgington

ACL Injury Prevention and Exercises and Protocols

Greg Werner, James Madison University

Olympic Sports Presentation

Jason Vescovi, Ph. D.

New Horizons in S&C: GPS Technology to Monitor Training and Game Demands

Jennifer Jones

Strength & Conditioning for Women's Basketball

Matt Shadeed, 2011 John Stucky Award Winner

Assessments & Alternatives in the Collegiate Setting

Michael Skogg, The Skogg System

Kettlebell Presentation

Richard C. Lansky, Optimum Power Training Innovations

Improving Athletic Performance and Power Through Olympic-Style Lifting Movements

Robert dos Remedios

Incorporating Non-traditional S&C Tools into Your Current Program

Teena Murray

Building The Bulletproof Softball Athlete

Vern Gambetta, Gambetta Sports Training Systems

Foundational Strength Development for Athletes