2018 National Conference

Scheduled speakers

Andreas Stamatis

Why Mental Toughness Research and Practice Must Die: From Rhabdo to Current Findings

Andy Gillham

A Guide to Improving Athlete Intrinsic Motivation

Cal Dietz

Advanced Methods in Triphasic Training

Daniel J. Darcy, Jr.

Continuing Education: Simple, Cheap and Effective

Darryn Fiske

Roundtable Discussion for Track and Field Throwers

John Wagle

The Parable of Periodization: Resurrecting the Foundation of the Training Process

Joshua Henkin

The Glute Truth: Developing Stronger Better Functioning Glutes

Katie Fowler

South Carolina Basketball-Training Program

Kelly Starrett

Are We Part of the Problem? Reducing Movement Compensation Patterns in the Training Session

Lee Taft

Developing an Eye for Assessing Speed

Mark Asanovich

Protecting the Integrity of Sport...By Protecting Those Who Play Sports

Michael Waller

Lower-Body Deceleration Programming

Phil Wagner

Identifying Sport Specific Ground Reaction Force Trends and Practical Training Implications

Steve Rassel

A Round Tabel Discussion on the Cares & Concerns of the Young Strength & Conditioning Coach