Lance Vermeil Scholarship Award 2012 Recipient:

Nomination of Trevor Williams

Trevor Williams, a part-time strength and conditioning coach at Georgetown University, was selected as the first recipient of the Lance Vermeil Scholarship Award Thursday evening, May 10, at the 12th annual national conference of the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches association (CSCCa) in Orlando, Florida. Coach Williams was nominated by his mentor, Mike Hill, Director of Sports Performance at Georgetown University, as an individual who has demonstrated that he possesses the outstanding qualities and skills necessary to be a successful and effective strength and conditioning coach, and as one who has demonstrated tremendous potential and proclivity for this unique profession. Al Vermeil, the father of Lance Vermeil and who was recognized as a Legend in the Field of Strength and Conditioning by the CSCCa in 2007, presented the award.

Trevor came to Georgetown in 2011 to complete an Internship through the CSCCa. After he successfully passed the 2011 SCCC certification exam, the University created a Part-Time Strength Coach position to retain his qualities. Trevor has been working with Georgetown University on a 10 hour/week pay scale but puts in an additional 30+ hours of his own time for the love of the profession. He has worked with all 29 sports at Georgetown but has been awarded the Head Strength Coach position for 4 sports in addition to assisting with Men's/Women's Basketball and Football. His passion for the profession has led him to create a whole new look for the GU Iron Hoyas Department, and he has created an outreach program working with local organizations and their strength training. His most recent endeavor was with the Fort Meyer Arlington Cemetery Honor Guard Platoon members who guard the tombs of the Unknown Soldiers and various events:

Trevor has also coordinated other outreach programs with the Fairfax County Virginia SWAT Team, the Fairfax County Organized Crime and Narcotics Division of the Special Crimes Unit, and Wounded Warriors, as well as creating the Iron Hoyas Youtube webpage. Trevor has personified what the Strength and Conditioning Coach profession has come to in that he has been working multiple jobs and hours for the love of helping athletes reach their potential and to gain a Collegiate Strength Coach position. He has built himself into the GU Athletic Department as a full-time Coach even though he is still paid part-time wages.