Practicum/Internship Requirements

Eligible Candidates for completing a CSCCa Practicum/Internship

Practicum Requirements

The Practicum Process

An Internship Completion Verification form must be signed and submitted to the CSCCa National Office by your mentor before you will be allowed to sit for the exam. Mentors have access to, and should email this form to the National Office at no later than the scheduled deadline for the respective exam.


The Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches association (CSCCa) offers a practicum/internship program. A practicum/internship completed under the supervision of a CSCCa Approved Mentor is a prerequisite to sit for the SCCC Certification Exam. The CSCCa approves mentors based upon an objective standard. All practicum/internship opportunities for certification candidates are arranged through each mentor and/or the employer of a specific mentor based upon space availability and applicant criteria, all of which are separate from any CSCCa affiliation. Therefore, the CSCCa is not liable and is held harmless in any capacity for any independent acts of mentors and applicable employers of said mentors toward a certification candidate not consistent with the educational intent of the internship/practicum process, which includes, but is not limited to criminal acts, discriminatory activity, physical injuries incurred by the candidate and/or any conduct perceived offensive to a candidate seeking certification through an educational internship/practicum opportunity.