Job Task Analysis Summary

In 2021, the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa) conducted a job analysis to develop the exam specifications for the Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC) certification examination. The three major activities that comprise the job analysis process described in this report are as follows:

  1. Job Analysis Panel Meeting - A gathering of subject matter experts to discuss and develop a description of the scope of practice
  2. Job Analysis Survey - A large-scale survey to practitioners not involved with the panel to validate the task and knowledge statements developed by the panel
  3. Development of Examination Specifications - The development of the Examination Specifications by the panel based on the results of the survey

The CSCCa assembled three committees and numerous other practitioners to serve as subject matter experts (SMEs). The individuals selected represent a wide variety of work-related characteristics such as years of experience, work setting, geographical location, and areas of specialty. This helps in developing a scope of practice that is reflective of the roles and responsibilities of the job role and is relatively free from bias. By analyzing the experiences and expertise of current practitioners, the results from the job task analysis become the basis of a validated assessment that reflects the competencies required for competent job performance.

The job analysis process utilized in this study yields exam specifications that accurately reflect the scope of practice, allowing for the development of fair, accurate, and realistic assessments of candidates' readiness for certification. The resultant Examination Specifications document indicates a multiple-choice examination and a performance-based examination. The multiple-choice examination consists of 125 scored and 25 experimental items, with content distribution requirements at the competency area (content domain) level as well as topic (content subdomain) level. The performance exam consists of verbal prompts and scoring criteria for the development and explanation of a program design document and the verbal and visual demonstration of exercises. Please refer to the examination content outlines for a delineation of the content assessed in the written and practical examinations.