The CSCCa provides a listing of full-time and internship job opportunities for members within the association. Browse the full-time and internship positions listed below.

Attention SCCC Candidates: Please be aware that not all internships listed are CSCCa-approved, and internships only fulfill the SCCC Certification Exam's internship requirement when they are completed under a CSCCa-approved mentor. (Please click here for a complete list of CSCCa-approved mentors.) The CSCCa does its best to identify which internship postings are CSCCa-approved, but it is the responsibility of the candidate to confirm with the CSCCa National Office that the individual supervising the practicum/internship is currently a CSCCa-approved mentor.

Job Submissions

  • If you are a CSCCa member, feel free to submit an opening for your institution, and it will be reviewed.
  • If you are not a member of the CSCCa and would like to submit a position to this list, please email with the listing in plain text format, and it will be reviewed.
Note: Please be aware that the organization's certification, SCCC (Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified), must be listed as an acceptable certification requirement in order to be posted on the CSCCa website.

Full-Time & Part-Time Positions
title employer deadline
Part-Time Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Angelo State University 2017/11/17
Part-Time Graduate Assistant in Athletics Central Methodist University 2018/01/05
Part-Time Athletic Performance Department Graduate Assistant Gardner-Webb University 2017/12/20
Part-time Strength and Conditioning Coach Macalester College 2018/01/10
Penn State University Performance Enhancement Coach Penn State University 2017/11/20
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Position Sacramento State 2017/12/25
Part-Time Strength and Conditioning Graduate Assistant Smith College 2017/12/01
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Southwestern University 2018/01/06
Part Time Sports Performance Coach Sports Reality Performance 2017/11/21
Part-Time Sports Performance Graduate Assistant- Olympic University of Houston 2018/01/01
Part-Time Graduate Assistant Athletic Performance Coach William Penn University 2018/01/01
Internship Positions
title employer deadline
Spring 2018 Olympic Internship Boston College 2017/12/01
Sports Performance Intern Brattain Sports Performance 2018/01/01
Winter/Spring 2018 Volunteer Internship Carleton College 2018/01/01
Strength & Conditioning Intern Catawba College 2017/12/04
Summer, Fall, or Winter/Spring Strength and Conditioning Internship Champion Physical Therapy and Performance 2018/02/01
Spring Volunteer Intern Coastal Carolina University 2017/11/28
Spring 2018 Internship Colorado State University 2017/12/01
Sports Performance Intern CSUN 2017/12/08
Winter 2018 Volunteer Intern Dartmouth College 2017/12/11
Summer 2018 Athletic Performance Intern Dynamic Sports Training 2018/05/18
Spring 2018 Athletic Performance Intern Dynamic Sports Training 2018/12/31
Spring 2018 Football Strength and Conditioning Internship East Tennessee State University 2017/12/03
Spring 2018 Intern Strength and Conditioning Coach Florida International University 2018/01/10
Spring 2018 Olympic Strength and Conditioning Intern Florida State University 2017/11/21
Volunteer Internship Fresno State University 2018/01/01
Harvard University Spring 2018 Internship Harvard University 2017/11/24
Athletic Performance Internship -Football Indiana University 2017/12/20
Strength & Conditioning Internship Indiana University - Athletic Perforamce 2017/12/15
Spring 2018 Volunteer Internship Jacksonville University 2017/12/27
Strength & Conditioning Internship for Olympic Sports Liberty University 2017/12/12
Lindenwood University Intership Spring 2018 Lindenwood University 2017/11/30
Spring 2018 Volunteer Internship Macalester College 2018/01/02
Sports Performance Coach Internship Marquette University 2017/12/09
Spring 2018 Strength and Conditioning Intern Coaches Millsaps College 2018/01/05
Internship Opportunities at Mississippi State University Mississippi State University 2017/11/30
Missouri Southern State University Spring 2018 Internship Missouri Southern State University 2018/01/10
Spring 2018 Strength & Conditioning Internship Missouri University of Science & Technology 2017/12/30
Winter/Spring 2018 Paid Internship Morningside College 2017/12/29
Volunteer Internship Positions Murray State 2017/12/31
Sports Performance Internship Northeastern University 2017/11/28
Winter 2018 Football Sports Performance Internship Northwestern University 2017/12/06
Performance Enhancement Strength Interns Penn State University 2018/08/01
Spring 2018 Internship Prairie View A&M University 2017/12/15
Volunteer Intern for Spring Semester Prentiss Hockey Performance 2017/12/12
Spring 2018 Internship Princeton University 2017/12/15
Olympic Sports Strength & Conditioning Spring 2018 Internship Purdue University 2017/11/27
Sports Performance Coach Internship- Spring 2018 Queens University of Charlotte 2017/12/04
Basketball Performance Intern Saint Louis University 2017/12/10
Spring 2018 Volunteer/Intern Athletic Performance Coach San Jose State University 2017/12/17
Intern Sports Performance Coach Santa Clara University 2017/12/26
Spring 2018 Volunteer Intern Strength and Conditioning Coach Shippensburg University 2017/12/15
Spring 2018 Volunteer Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Shippensburg University 2017/12/15
Spring 2018 Sports Performance Internship Southwest Minnesota State University 2017/12/20
Football Strength and Conditioning Internship Syracuse Football 2017/12/14
Spring 2018 Volunteer Internship The University at Albany 2017/12/26
Spring 2018 Football & Baseball Internship The University of New Mexico 2017/12/01
Spring 2018 Athletic Development Internship The University of North Carolina 2017/12/08
Spring 2018 Athletic Performance Internship UNCP 2017/12/01
University of Arizona-Spring 2018 Football Strength and Conditioning Internship University of Arizona 2017/12/01
Volunteer Internship University of Arizona 2017/12/15
Strength and Conditioning Intern University of California Berkeley 2017/11/24
Olympic Sports - Spring 2018 Internship University of Central Florida 2017/12/18
Olympic Sports Performance Internship University of Cincinnati 2017/12/01
Spring 2018 Football Strength & Conditioning Internship University of Colorado at Boulder 2018/01/09
Football Sports Performance Internship University of Houston 2018/01/01
Spring 2018 Internship University of Louisiana 2017/12/10
2018 Spring/Summer Mens & Womens Basketball Internship University of Minnesota 2017/11/26
Spring 2018 Olympic Sports Volunteer Internship University Of Missouri 2018/01/10
Spring 2018 Paid Internship University of Nebraska Omaha 2017/12/12
Men's Basketball Spring 2018 Internship University of North Carolina - Greensboro 2017/12/13
Spring 2018 Olympic Strength and Conditioning Internship University of Notre Dame 2017/12/01
Spring 2018 Football Internship University of South Carolina 2017/12/30
University of South Florida - Spring 2018 Internship University of South Florida 2017/12/20
Winter/Spring 2018 Football Strength and Conditioning Internship University of Texas 2017/12/15
Olympic Strength and Conditioning Internship University of Washington 2017/12/02
Paid Athletic Performance Fellowship William Penn University 2017/12/26
Spring 2018 Yale Football Sports Performance Internship Yale University 2018/01/14
Football Strength and Conditioning Volunteer Internship Youngstown State University 2017/12/01