The CSCCa provides a listing of full-time and internship job opportunities for members within the association. Browse the full-time and internship positions listed below.

Attention SCCC Candidates: Please be aware that not all internships listed are CSCCa-approved, and internships only fulfill the SCCC Certification Exam's internship requirement when they are completed under a CSCCa-approved mentor. (Please click here for a complete list of CSCCa-approved mentors.) The CSCCa does its best to identify which internship postings are CSCCa-approved, but it is the responsibility of the candidate to confirm with the CSCCa National Office that the individual supervising the practicum/internship is currently a CSCCa-approved mentor.

Job Submissions

Note: Please be aware that the organization's certification, SCCC (Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified), must be listed as an accepted certification and must be listed in the first position in order to be posted on the CSCCa website.

title employer deadline
Part-Time Strength & Conditioning Coaching Assistant, University of Delaware University of Delaware 2022/10/30
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Augsburg University 2022/11/10
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Bemidji State University 2022/11/15
Aassistant Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports/Director 2022/10/19
Strength and Conditioning Assistant (Part-Time) Colgate University 2022/10/21
Assistant Director of Sports Performance and Associate in the Department of Intercollegiate Athletic Columbia University 2022/11/24
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Florida Gulf Coast University 2022/10/24
Director of Peak Performance and Fitness Hiram College 2022/10/24
Part-Time Assistant Sports Performance Coach Jacksonville University 2022/10/01
Part-Time Olympic Performance Position Liberty University 2022/11/04
Assistant Director of Sports Performance Longwood University 2022/11/23
Head Performance Coach/ Head Football Strength Coach/Asst Luther College 2022/10/13
Sports Performance Graduate Assistant Mary Beth George 2022/12/11
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach McMurry University 2022/11/23
S&C Assistant Position Millsaps College 2022/11/04
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Morningside University 2022/10/01
Part-time Strength and Conditioning Intern Newberry College 2022/10/24
S&C Coach Prentiss Human Performance 2022/11/10
High Performance Director Sanskardham Sports Academy 2022/10/28
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach St. Bonaventure University 2022/11/10
Limited Appointment Athletic Performance Coach UC Berkeley 2022/12/23
Sports Performance Coach UMass Amherst 2022/10/28
Part-Time Strength & Conditioning Coaching Assistant, University of Delaware University of Delaware 2022/10/30
Graduate Assistant University of Delta State 2022/12/28
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach University of New Hampshire 2022/10/03
Assistant S&C Coaching- Assistant/ Football DFO Position University of North Alabama 2022/10/24
Fall 2022 GA Position University of North Alabama 2022/10/24
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coaching-Assistant/Football DFO University of North Alabama 2022/10/13
Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach University of North Carolina 2023/01/10
Part-Time Strength and Conditioning Assistant Coach University of North Dakota 2022/10/28
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach- Olympic University of Oklahoma 2022/12/23
Assistant Diving Coach University of Southern Indiana 2022/10/05
Graduate Assistant S&C Coach University of Texas at El Paso 2022/11/24
ASSISTANT STRENGTH & CONDITIONING COACH University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 2022/11/30
Assistant Sports Performance Coach (Track & Field) VCU Athletics 2022/10/13
Assistant Sports Performance Coach (Women's Soccer/Tennis) VCU Athletics 2022/10/12
Graduate Assistant Wagner College 2022/12/01
Graduate Assistant Athletic Performance Coach William Penn University 2022/11/18
Assistant Coach, Sports Performance Youngstown State University 2022/10/19
title employer deadline
Winter/Spring 2023 Olympic Internship Army, West Point 2022/12/01
Football Sports Performance Internship Boise State Football 2022/12/01
Spring 2023 S&C Internship (Olympic Sports) Boston College 2022/12/01
Fall 2022 Volunteer Internship Colgate University 2022/12/03
2022 Fall S&C Internship Concordia St. Paul 2022/10/01
2023 Spring Internship 2022/12/19
Fall 2022 Internship Georgetown University 2022/10/01
Spring 2023 Internship Georgetown University 2022/12/19
Part Time Strength and Conditioning Intern Newberry College 2022/12/23
S&C Internship Newberry College 2022/11/04
Winter/Spring 2023 Olympic Sports Performance Internship Northwestern University 2022/12/02
Paid S&C Intern Robert Morris University 2022/10/24
Football Strength & Conditioning Spring 2023 Internship Southern Methodist University 2022/12/20
Spring 2023 Internship UC Berkeley 2022/12/23
Winter Football Internship 2023 UCLA 2022/11/24
Baseball Athletic Performance Intern UCLA 2022/11/24
Athletic Performance Internship Winter-Spring 202 UCLA 2022/12/01
Voluntary Intern University of Arkansas 2022/12/31
Fall 2022 Volunteer Internship University of California Berkeley 2022/10/01
Intern Sports Performance Coach University of Colorado 2022/10/14
2023 Winter/Spring Sports Performance Internship University of Denver 2022/10/31
University of Illinois Olympic Sports Spring 2023 Volunteer Internship University of Illinois 2022/11/16
Spring 2023 Internship University of Iowa 2022/11/23
2023 Winter Internship University of Kansas 2022/12/02
Spring 2023 Internship University of Louisville 2022/10/31
University of Maryland Volunteer Internship University of Maryland 2022/10/07
Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 Internship University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2022/12/16
Spring 2023 Internship University of North Carolina 2022/11/10
University of Pittsburgh Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning Internship University of Pittsburgh 2022/12/07
Spring 2023 Internship University of Tennessee 2022/10/21
Fall 2022 Internship Position University of the Pacific 2022/10/01
Fall Internship University of Utah 2022/10/06
Winter/Spring Internship University of Utah 2022/12/27
Winter 2023 Internship UNLV 2022/12/12
Professional Intern Sports Performance Coach Western Oregon University 2022/10/24
2023 Winter/Spring Internship Youngstown State University 2022/10/24