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Required courses

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Health and Safety Quiz Article 3.00 $0.00


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Using high-intensity aerobic conditioning to improve the Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS) and sports performance of field sport athletes - Dan Baker Video 1.00 $12.00
Updates in Speed, Power, and Strength Development - Mike Boyle Video 1.00 $12.00
Training Application for Power Sports - Bill Gillespie Video 1.00 $12.00
Strategic Sports Performance: Supporting Today's Student-Athlete - John Wagle Video 1.00 $12.00
Stories and Tips From Over 4 Decades in the Profession - Bill Foran Video 1.00 $12.00
Recovery, Rest, & Reset "How to Properly Care for Your Body While Training" - Donnie Maib Video 1.00 $12.00
Principles Based Planning - Strengthening Your Financial Program - Dave Houser Video 1.00 $12.00
Pre-lift & Pre-movement Techniques - Haley Roberts, Michael Kiely, and Mark Uptegraff Video 1.00 $12.00
Performance Engineering in Basketball: Satisfying Solutions for a Complex Environment - Joey Davey Video 1.00 $12.00
Optimizing the Olympic Lifts in the Collegiate Setting - Leo Totten Video 1.00 $12.00
Mental Toughness in Strength and Conditioning Video 1.00 $12.00
Managing the Training Continuum: Building Capacities to Feed Skills - Joey Guarascio Video 1.00 $12.00
Make Your Force Plate Work For You - Rodney Hill Video 1.00 $12.00
In-Season Volleyball: Unifying Strength Training & Sport Practice - Emily Schilling Video 1.00 $12.00
In-Season Resistance Training for Collegiate Women's Soccer - Ryan Metzgar Video 1.00 $12.00
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Application for Team Sports - Chad Workman Video 1.00 $12.00
Fascia Training in Athletic Performance - Principles and Application - Bill Parisi Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing the Complete Basketball Player - Vinnie Calautti Video 1.00 $12.00
Data collection, analysis and framing the season as an experiment. - Corey Peacock / Gabe Sanders Video 1.00 $12.00
Constructing a Sports Science Department From the Ground Up - Stephanie Mock Video 1.00 $12.00
Connecting the Performance Team: Leaning into Relationships, Expertise, and Collaboration for Athletes - Bennie Wylie & Rachel Suba Video 1.00 $12.00
Conjugate Adapted: Practical Application for the College Weight Room - Lucas White Video 1.00 $12.00
Athlete Alive 2025 Webinar Video 1.00 $0.00
A Plane Plan for Baseball - How to Incorporate Rotation into the Weight room -Kenna Smoak Video 1.00 $12.00


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Tactics for Linear Power Development - Derek Woodske Video 1.00 $12.00
Recovery & Regeneration - Brandon Marcello Video 1.00 $12.00
Positive Coaching & Student Athlete Mental Health - Rick McGuire Video 1.00 $12.00
Mental Toughness in Sport: Critical Reflections and Future Considerations - Andreas Stamatis Video 1.00 $12.00
Key Safety Strategies for 2022 and Beyond - Rod Walters Video 1.00 $12.00
From Barbells to Boardrooms - Rick Canter Video 1.00 $12.00
Embrace the Journey - Matt Balis Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
Strategic Periodization: A Framework for Improving Team Sport Performance by Ernie Rimer Video 1.00 $12.00
2021 Gatorade Pre-Conference Clinic Article 1.50 $0.00
"The 7 Movement Patterns All Athletes Must Master" by Lee Taft (Sponsored by Perform Better) Video 1.00 $12.00
"Technique of Olympic Lifts & How it Transfers to Athleticism and Sport" by Mike Gattone & Pyrros Dimos (Sponsored by USA Weightlifting) Video 1.00 $12.00
"Physical Preparation in Professional Baseball: Training Strategies and Load Management" by Patrick Trainor (Sponsored by Firstbeat) Video 1.00 $12.00
"Performance Optimization for the Female Athlete" by Nikole MacLellan (Sponsored by Designs for Sport) Video 1.00 $12.00
"Diversity and Adaptation" by Pat Ivey (Sponsored by Sorinex) Video 1.00 $12.00
"Creating, Mastering, and Evaluating Coaching Behaviors: Maximizing S&C Coach Effectiveness" by Mary Kate Feit Video 1.00 $12.00
"Athlete Supplementation: The Science, Safety and Regulations" by Chris Mohr and Dana White (Sponsored by NOW Sports) Video 1.00 $12.00
"Administration is Not a 14 Letter Curse Word" by Debbie Garcia Video 1.00 $12.00
"Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Intercollegiate Athletics" by Ron Courson (Sponsored by Drink ZYN) Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
Training the Proper Energy System by Dr. Pat Eisenman Video 1.00 $12.00
Training Recovery by Dr. Tom Nesser Video 1.00 $12.00
Training Collegiate Soccer: Developing A System For You by Christopher DeSanto Video 1.00 $12.00
The Nervous System: What Do You Really Need to Know? by Sue Falsone (Sponsored by Perform Better) Video 1.00 $12.00
The Cares and Concerns of the Female Strength and Conditioning Coach by Jeanne Rankin Video 1.00 $12.00
Reimagining Weight-Lifting for Performance by Cory Schlesinger Video 1.00 $12.00
Percussive Therapy by Paul Cauldwell (sponsored by Theragun) Video 1.00 $12.00
Need for Speed: Practical Solutions for Testing, Teaching and Training Linear Speed by Lance Walker (Sponsored by Perform Better) Video 1.00 $12.00
Living Inside the Boundaries by Don Decker Video 1.00 $12.00
How to Program in Less Than Ideal Situations by Patrick Wormel (Sponsored by Eleiko) Video 1.00 $12.00
Health and Safety Concerns in Training: Emerging Data on Loads, Fatigue, Biomechanics and Adjunctive Training Tools by Dr. Brent Feland Video 1.00 $12.00
From Testing to Trust: How to Identify “Free From” Supplements Athletes Can Trust to Help Improve Their Performance by Bryan Morin and Dr. Chris Mohr (sponsored by Now Foods) Video 1.00 $12.00
Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation - Helping the process of creating a winning Coach-Coach Relationship by Corliss Fingers Video 1.00 $12.00
Being More Than a Coach by Lewis Caralla Video 1.00 $12.00
Assessing & Cultivating Athleticism Through Body-Weight Training Methods by Joel Smith Video 1.00 $12.00
Acceleration Training by Chris Doyle Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
What Do You Want Your Legacy to Be? by Lee Kemp Video 1.00 $12.00
What 3rd Party Testing of Dietary Supplements Is and Why it is Important to Athletes by Brian Jordan Video 1.00 $12.00
Tubing, Thrower's 10 & Poles, More to Baseball Than This by Thomas Rohling Video 1.00 $12.00
Training Load and Recovery in College Basketball by Sean Conaty Video 1.00 $12.00
The Progression of Building a Positive Culture by Zach Houghton Video 1.00 $12.00
The Art of Relearning as a Strength Coach by Dan John Video 1.00 $12.00
The "No Talent" Code by Lewis Caralla Video 1.00 $12.00
Systems Based Thinking (Assess, Intervene, Monitor) by Andrew Althoff Video 1.00 $12.00
Structuring Your Staff Mentorship by Stephen Rassel Video 1.00 $12.00
Speed and Power- Everything Old is New Again by Michael Boyle Video 1.00 $12.00
Seeking Mentorship as a Young Strength & Conditioning Coach by Shannon Phillips Video 1.00 $12.00
Positive Ways to Develop Mental Toughness by Ethan Reeve and Joey Batson Video 1.00 $12.00
Michigan Basketball S&C by Jon Sanderson Video 1.00 $12.00
Making It Easier to Work with Sport Coaches by Dr. Andy Gillham Video 1.00 $12.00
Louisville Men's Soccer by Jason Dierking and Kyle Voigt Video 1.00 $12.00
Keys to Conditioning: Utilizing Data Driven Prescription to Prepare Athletes for Competition by Kevin Cronin Video 1.00 $12.00
Hamstring Injuries; Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement Training by Rob Panariello Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing the Strength Coach for Autonomy and Longevity in the Field by Scott Bennett Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing Speed for Team Sport Athletes by Mike Young Video 1.00 $12.00
Barriers that Face Today's S&C Coaches by Jennifer Jones Video 1.00 $12.00
Applications of Velocity-Based Strength Training by Dr. Tyler Williams Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
Why Mental Toughness Research and Practice Must Die: From Rhabdo to Current Findings by Andreas Stamatis Video 1.00 $12.00
The Guide to Improving Athlete Intrinsic Motivation by Andy Gillham Video 1.00 $12.00
Protecting the Integrity of Sport...By Protecting Those Who Play Sport by Mark Asanovich Video 1.00 $12.00
Maximal Lactate Steady State & RPE by Jason Dierking Article 1.00 $12.00
Long-Term Cardiovascular Adaptations and Implications for Pre-Season Training by Jason Dierking Article 1.00 $12.00
Leading North of Difficulty by Heath Eslinger Video 1.00 $12.00
Football Championship Presentation: "Building A Culture Through Strength & Conditioning" by Matt Balis Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing an Eye For Assessing Speed by Lee Taft Video 1.00 $12.00
Continuing Education: Simple, Cheap, Effective by Daniel Darcy Video 1.00 $12.00
Aerobic Threshold Training & RPE by Jason Dierking Article 1.00 $12.00
Advanced Methods in Triphasic Training by Cal Dietz Video 1.00 $12.00
A Historical and Scientific Exploration of High Intensity Training with College Athletes by Mike Iosia Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
WINNING- and What Drives It! by Rob Glass Video 1.00 $12.00
Villanova Men's Basketball S&C Program: 2015-2016 NCAA Champions by John Shackleton Video 1.00 $12.00
Utilizing Overhead Lifts for Strength & Power by Leo Totten Video 1.00 $12.00
There's Always a Way by Jay Strack Video 1.00 $12.00
The Value of the SCCC Certification and Credential by Sandy Abney Video 1.00 $12.00
The Value of Self Evaluation by Dennis Keiser Video 1.00 $12.00
The Importance of Evaluation for Professional Development by Andy Gillham & Michael Doscher Video 1.00 $12.00
The Complete Owner's Manual for Team Sports Conditioning by Jason Dierking Video 1.00 $12.00
Teaching and Developing Explosive Acceleration by Jim Kielbaso Video 1.00 $12.00
Sports Science on a Budget by Doug McKenney Video 1.00 $12.00
Rhabdomyolysis: Overview and Prevention Strategies by Ron Courson Video 1.00 $12.00
Polar Heartrate Technology by Mike Bewley Video 1.00 $12.00
Plyometric Training: Classification & Organization by Boo Schexnayder Video 1.00 $12.00
Performance Enhancement Training for the Post-Rehabilitated ACL Reconstructed Knee by Rob Panariello Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing Excellence in your S&C Program on a Budget by Alex Fotioo Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing An Athlete for the Game of Baseball by Lance Sewell Video 1.00 $12.00
Building a Winning Culture One Rep at a Time by Al Johnson Video 1.00 $12.00
Back Pain: Key Signs, Symptoms, and Exercise Modifications by Brent Feland Video 1.00 $12.00
Achieving Through Connectivity by Megan Young Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
Using Technology to Monitor Training Stress: Practical Applications by Chris West Video 1.00 $12.00
Undulating Periodization Workshop Part 3 by Johnny Parker, Al Miller, & Rob Panariello Video 1.00 $12.00
Undulating Periodization Workshop Part 2 by Johnny Parker, Al Miller, & Rob Panariello Video 1.00 $12.00
Undulating Periodization Workshop Part 1 by Johnny Parker, Al Miller, & Rob Panariello Video 1.00 $12.00
The 4 R's Behind Building Athletes, Preparing Champions by Molly Binetti Video 1.00 $12.00
Protecting the Throwing Athlete: Considerations for Baseball and Softball Training by Zach Dechant Video 1.00 $12.00
Protecting the Health & Safety of the Student Athlete by Jeff Allen (2016) Video 1.00 $12.00
Precise Speed & Agility Training & How to Teach the Double Knee Bend by Josh Robertson Video 1.00 $12.00
Montana Soccer: Building a Program & Establishing a Tradition by Charlie Woida Video 1.00 $12.00
Easy Strength by Dan John Video 1.00 $12.00
Earn the Jersey: Confronting the Challenges Facing Today's S&C Coaches by Ken Mannie Video 1.00 $12.00
Critical Factors in Speed Development by Boo Schexnayder Video 1.00 $12.00
CEO Strength Coach by Ron McKeefery Video 1.00 $12.00
Caught in the Vise: Pressure to Satisfy Them All by Kathy Wagner & Jami Clinton Video 1.00 $12.00
Building a Championship Program by Joey Batson Video 1.00 $12.00
7 Actionable Skills to Quickly Develop the Mindset of a Champion by Dr. Jack Singer Video 1.00 $12.00
'Find a Way' College Basketball Strength & Conditioning by Robert Harris Video 1.00 $12.00
Prevention of Labral Tears in the Shoulder by Brent Feland Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
What Every Athlete Needs by Mike Boyle Video 1.00 $12.00
The Shoulder: Function, Mechanics & a Detailed View of the Rotator Cuff by Brent Feland Video 1.00 $12.00
The Role of Nutrition on Performance & Recovery by Paul Longo & Kayla Matrunick Video 1.00 $12.00
The Coach Approach to Next Level Leadership by John Brubaker Video 1.00 $12.00
Protecting the Health and Safety of the Student Athlete by Brian Hainline Video 1.00 $12.00
Posture, Vibration, and Application in Sport by Travis Illian Video 1.00 $12.00
Olympic Sports Discussion Panel by Greg Werner Video 1.00 $12.00
Nutrition for the College Athlete by Steve Orris Video 1.00 $12.00
Finding Their Fire: Motivating Athletes for Maximum Performance by John Brubaker Video 1.00 $12.00
Empowering Interns to Succeed by Bill Maxwell Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing Horizontal Power by Jeff Connors Video 1.00 $12.00
Advanced Triphasic Training Methods by Matthew Van Dyke Video 1.00 $12.00
A Team Based Approach to High-Performance by Teena Murray & Ernie Rimer Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
University of Michigan Off-Season Strength Program by Aaron Wellman Video 1.00 $12.00
Then and Now: The Evolution of the Strength Coach Profession by Jeff Macy and Al Vermeil Video 1.00 $12.00
The Head, Heart, and Hands of Mentoring by Donnie Maib and Sandy Abney Video 1.00 $12.00
The Art of Coaching by Sarah Cahill Video 1.00 $12.00
Screening for Potential Injury: Science and Opinion by Eric Hegedus Video 1.00 $12.00
Rotational Bodyweight Training: Its Impact on Sports Performance by Robb Rogers Video 1.00 $12.00
Leadership, Motivation, and Team Building by Mickey Marotti Video 1.00 $12.00
Kettle Bell Basics: The Swing, Clean-N-Press, and The Snatch & How to Teach the Power Clean by Ethan Reeve and Tom Cross Video 1.00 $12.00
Integrating Nutrition Into Your Sports Performance Programs by Ryan Davis Video 1.00 $12.00
CHAOS Sport-Speed Training by Robert dos Remedios Video 1.00 $12.00
Basketball Specific Strength & Conditioning by Charles Stephenson Video 1.00 $12.00
Barbell Lifts in the Prediction of Short-Term Power Tasks by Charles Poliquin Video 1.00 $12.00
Athletic Performance: Taking our Profession to the Next Level by Pat Ivey Video 1.00 $12.00
Achieving Excellence in Collegiate Strength and Conditioning by Latrice Sales and Justin Paysinger Video 1.00 $12.00
A Spartan Perspective: Insights on Training, Coaching, and Mentoring by Ken Mannie Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
To stretch or not to stretch: the role of stretching in injury prevention and performance by M.P. McHugh and C.H. Cosgrave Article 1.00 $12.00
The Benefits of Olympic Style Lifting by Bud Charniga Video 1.00 $12.00
Sudden Death in Athletes Article 1.00 $12.00
Strength and Conditioning for Wrestling by Gary Calcagno Video 1.00 $12.00
Speed Diagnosis: the Key to Linking Testing and Training by Duane Carlisle Video 1.00 $12.00
Sickle Cell Trait Article 1.00 $12.00
Secrets to Success in Strength Training by Bill Gillespie Video 1.00 $12.00
Protecting the Health & Safety of the Athlete by Joe Rogowski Video 1.00 $12.00
Preparing for sudden cardiac arrest - the essential role of automated external defibrillators in athletic medicine: a critical review Article 1.00 $12.00
Player Development at North Dakota State University by Jim Kramer Video 1.00 $12.00
Nutrient Timing by Thomas Nesser Article 1.00 $12.00
Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Plyometric Training Program by Randall Dorvin Video 1.00 $12.00
Management of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes Article 1.00 $12.00
Legal Discipline - Don't Penalize Your Future! by Reed Wainwright Video 1.00 $12.00
Leadership and Overcoming Adversity by Eric Kapitulik Video 1.00 $12.00
Empowering, Developing, and Advancing a Successful Career in Athletics by Pattie Phillips Video 1.00 $12.00
Emergency Planning in Athletics Article 1.00 $12.00
Dueling Basketball Coaches by Charlie Melton and Jeremy Heffner Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
Protecting the Health & Safety of the Athlete by Ron Courson Video 1.00 $12.00
Northwestern University Football Off-Season Strength and Conditioning Program by Al Johnson Video 1.00 $12.00
Multi-Directional Speed for Sport Unleashed by Lee Taft Video 1.00 $12.00
Linear Speed Development in Field Sport Athletes by Todd Brown Video 1.00 $12.00
Kettlebell Presentation by Michael Skogg Video 1.00 $12.00
Incorporating Non-traditional S&C Tools into your current program by Robert dos Remedios Video 1.00 $12.00
Improving Athletic Performance and Power through Olympic-Style Lifting Movements by Richard Lansky Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing Foundational Strength by Vern Gambetta Video 1.00 $12.00
Building Bulletproof Softball Athletes by Teena Murray Video 1.00 $12.00
Baseball Strength and Conditioning by Billy Anderson Video 1.00 $12.00
Auto-Regulatory Training Methods for Sports Performance Development by Greg Werner Video 1.00 $12.00
Assessments & Alternatives in the Collegiate Setting by Matt Shadeed Video 1.00 $12.00
ACL Injury Prevention and Exercises and Protocols by Darren Edgington Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
Understanding Energy Systems in the Design of Athletic Training Programs by Declan Connolly Video 1.00 $12.00
Training Considerations for the University of North Dakota by Nate Baukol Video 1.00 $12.00
Training Considerations for Rotational Athletes by Zach Dechant Video 1.00 $12.00
Protecting the Health & Safety of the Athlete: The Weak Link by Jeff Allen Video 1.00 $12.00
Olympic-Style Weight Lifting the Bulgarian Method by Ivan Abadjiev Video 1.00 $12.00
Dueling Football Coaches by Jason Veltkamp and Matt Balis Video 1.00 $12.00
Chess, Not Checkers by Baylor Strength and Conditioning Staff Video 1.00 $12.00
Building a Multi-Directional Speed Program by Lee Taft Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
Short and longer-term effects of creatine supplementation on exercise induced muscle damage Article 1.00 $12.00
High-Intensity Training in Soccer Article 1.00 $12.00
Creatine supplementation enhances muscle force recovery after eccentrically-induced muscle damage in healthy individuals Article 1.00 $12.00
ACSM Position Stand: The Female Triad Athlete Article 1.00 $12.00
A Review of Issues of Dietary Protein Intake in Humans Article 1.00 $12.00