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2020 Virtual National Conference

By completing courses below, you can earn up to 15.00 CEU credits after registering for the 2020 Virtual National Conference.
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Training Recovery by Dr. Tom Nesser Video 3.00
Training the Proper Energy System by Dr. Pat Eisenman Video 3.00
From Testing to Trust: How to Identify “Free From” Supplements Athletes Can Trust to Help Improve Their Performance by Bryan Morin and Dr. Chris Mohr (sponsored by Now Foods) Video 3.00
Reimagining Weight-Lifting for Performance by Cory Schlesinger Video 3.00
Living Inside the Boundaries by Don Decker Video 3.00
The Nervous System: What Do You Really Need to Know? by Sue Falsone (Sponsored by Perform Better) Video 3.00
The Cares and Concerns of the Female Strength and Conditioning Coach by Jeanne Rankin Video 3.00
Health and Safety Concerns in Training: Emerging Data on Loads, Fatigue, Biomechanics and Adjunctive Training Tools by Dr. Brent Feland Video 3.00
Being More Than a Coach by Lewis Caralla Video 3.00
Assessing & Cultivating Athleticism Through Body-Weight Training Methods by Joel Smith Video 3.00
Acceleration Training by Chris Doyle Video 3.00
Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation - Helping the process of creating a winning Coach-Coach Relationship by Corliss Fingers Video 3.00
Training Collegiate Soccer: Developing A System For You by Christopher DeSanto Video 3.00
Monitoring Training Load & Recovery in Collegiate Athletes by Dr. Eric Freese (Sponsored by Gatorade) Video 3.00
Need for Speed: Practical Solutions for Testing, Teaching and Training Linear Speed by Lance Walker (Sponsored by Perform Better) Video 3.00
Percussive Therapy by Paul Cauldwell (sponsored by Theragun) Video 3.00
How to Program in Less Than Ideal Situations by Patrick Wormel (Sponsored by Eleiko) Video 3.00

Required courses

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Athlete at Risk Conditions Article 3.00 $0.00


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What Do You Want Your Legacy to Be? by Lee Kemp Video 1.00 $12.00
What 3rd Party Testing of Dietary Supplements Is and Why it is Important to Athletes by Brian Jordan Video 1.00 $12.00
Tubing, Thrower's 10 & Poles, More to Baseball Than This by Thomas Rohling Video 1.00 $12.00
Training Load and Recovery in College Basketball by Sean Conaty Video 1.00 $12.00
The Progression of Building a Positive Culture by Zach Houghton Video 1.00 $12.00
The Art of Relearning as a Strength Coach by Dan John Video 1.00 $12.00
The "No Talent" Code by Lewis Caralla Video 1.00 $12.00
Systems Based Thinking (Assess, Intervene, Monitor) by Andrew Althoff Video 1.00 $12.00
Structuring Your Staff Mentorship by Stephen Rassel Video 1.00 $12.00
Speed and Power- Everything Old is New Again by Michael Boyle Video 1.00 $12.00
Seeking Mentorship as a Young Strength & Conditioning Coach by Shannon Phillips Video 1.00 $12.00
Positive Ways to Develop Mental Toughness by Ethan Reeve and Joey Batson Video 1.00 $12.00
Michigan Basketball S&C by Jon Sanderson Video 1.00 $12.00
Making It Easier to Work with Sport Coaches by Dr. Andy Gillham Video 1.00 $12.00
Louisville Men's Soccer by Jason Dierking and Kyle Voigt Video 1.00 $12.00
Keys to Conditioning: Utilizing Data Driven Prescription to Prepare Athletes for Competition by Kevin Cronin Video 1.00 $12.00
Hamstring Injuries; Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement Training by Rob Panariello Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing the Strength Coach for Autonomy and Longevity in the Field by Scott Bennett Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing Speed for Team Sport Athletes by Mike Young Video 1.00 $12.00
Barriers that Face Today's S&C Coaches by Jennifer Jones Video 1.00 $12.00
Applications of Velocity-Based Strength Training by Dr. Tyler Williams Video 1.00 $12.00


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Why Mental Toughness Research and Practice Must Die: From Rhabdo to Current Findings by Andreas Stamatis Video 1.00 $12.00
The Guide to Improving Athlete Intrinsic Motivation by Andy Gillham Video 1.00 $12.00
Protecting the Integrity of Sport...By Protecting Those Who Play Sport by Mark Asanovich Video 1.00 $12.00
Maximal Lactate Steady State & RPE by Jason Dierking Article 1.00 $12.00
Long-Term Cardiovascular Adaptations and Implications for Pre-Season Training by Jason Dierking Article 1.00 $12.00
Leading North of Difficulty by Heath Eslinger Video 1.00 $12.00
Football Championship Presentation: "Building A Culture Through Strength & Conditioning" by Matt Balis Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing an Eye For Assessing Speed by Lee Taft Video 1.00 $12.00
Continuing Education: Simple, Cheap, Effective by Daniel Darcy Video 1.00 $12.00
Aerobic Threshold Training & RPE by Jason Dierking Article 1.00 $12.00
Advanced Methods in Triphasic Training by Cal Dietz Video 1.00 $12.00
A Historical and Scientific Exploration of High Intensity Training with College Athletes by Mike Iosia Video 1.00 $12.00


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WINNING- and What Drives It! by Rob Glass Video 1.00 $12.00
Villanova Men's Basketball S&C Program: 2015-2016 NCAA Champions by John Shackleton Video 1.00 $12.00
Utilizing Overhead Lifts for Strength & Power by Leo Totten Video 1.00 $12.00
There's Always a Way by Jay Strack Video 1.00 $12.00
The Value of the SCCC Certification and Credential by Sandy Abney Video 1.00 $12.00
The Value of Self Evaluation by Dennis Keiser Video 1.00 $12.00
The Importance of Evaluation for Professional Development by Andy Gillham & Michael Doscher Video 1.00 $12.00
The Complete Owner's Manual for Team Sports Conditioning by Jason Dierking Video 1.00 $12.00
Teaching and Developing Explosive Acceleration by Jim Kielbaso Video 1.00 $12.00
Sports Science on a Budget by Doug McKenney Video 1.00 $12.00
Rhabdomyolysis: Overview and Prevention Strategies by Ron Courson Video 1.00 $12.00
Polar Heartrate Technology by Mike Bewley Video 1.00 $12.00
Plyometric Training: Classification & Organization by Boo Schexnayder Video 1.00 $12.00
Performance Enhancement Training for the Post-Rehabilitated ACL Reconstructed Knee by Rob Panariello Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing Excellence in your S&C Program on a Budget by Alex Fotioo Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing An Athlete for the Game of Baseball by Lance Sewell Video 1.00 $12.00
Building a Winning Culture One Rep at a Time by Al Johnson Video 1.00 $12.00
Back Pain: Key Signs, Symptoms, and Exercise Modifications by Brent Feland Video 1.00 $12.00
Achieving Through Connectivity by Megan Young Video 1.00 $12.00


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Using Technology to Monitor Training Stress: Practical Applications by Chris West Video 1.00 $12.00
Undulating Periodization Workshop Part 3 by Johnny Parker, Al Miller, & Rob Panariello Video 1.00 $12.00
Undulating Periodization Workshop Part 2 by Johnny Parker, Al Miller, & Rob Panariello Video 1.00 $12.00
Undulating Periodization Workshop Part 1 by Johnny Parker, Al Miller, & Rob Panariello Video 1.00 $12.00
The 4 R's Behind Building Athletes, Preparing Champions by Molly Binetti Video 1.00 $12.00
Protecting the Throwing Athlete: Considerations for Baseball and Softball Training by Zach Dechant Video 1.00 $12.00
Protecting the Health & Safety of the Student Athlete by Jeff Allen (2016) Video 1.00 $12.00
Precise Speed & Agility Training & How to Teach the Double Knee Bend by Josh Robertson Video 1.00 $12.00
Montana Soccer: Building a Program & Establishing a Tradition by Charlie Woida Video 1.00 $12.00
Easy Strength by Dan John Video 1.00 $12.00
Earn the Jersey: Confronting the Challenges Facing Today's S&C Coaches by Ken Mannie Video 1.00 $12.00
Critical Factors in Speed Development by Boo Schexnayder Video 1.00 $12.00
CEO Strength Coach by Ron McKeefery Video 1.00 $12.00
Caught in the Vise: Pressure to Satisfy Them All by Kathy Wagner & Jami Clinton Video 1.00 $12.00
Building a Championship Program by Joey Batson Video 1.00 $12.00
7 Actionable Skills to Quickly Develop the Mindset of a Champion by Dr. Jack Singer Video 1.00 $12.00
'Find a Way' College Basketball Strength & Conditioning by Robert Harris Video 1.00 $12.00
Prevention of Labral Tears in the Shoulder by Brent Feland Video 1.00 $12.00


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What Every Athlete Needs by Mike Boyle Video 1.00 $12.00
The Shoulder: Function, Mechanics & a Detailed View of the Rotator Cuff by Brent Feland Video 1.00 $12.00
The Role of Nutrition on Performance & Recovery by Paul Longo & Kayla Matrunick Video 1.00 $12.00
The Coach Approach to Next Level Leadership by John Brubaker Video 1.00 $12.00
Protecting the Health and Safety of the Student Athlete by Brian Hainline Video 1.00 $12.00
Posture, Vibration, and Application in Sport by Travis Illian Video 1.00 $12.00
Olympic Sports Discussion Panel by Greg Werner Video 1.00 $12.00
Nutrition for the College Athlete by Steve Orris Video 1.00 $12.00
Finding Their Fire: Motivating Athletes for Maximum Performance by John Brubaker Video 1.00 $12.00
Empowering Interns to Succeed by Bill Maxwell Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing Horizontal Power by Jeff Connors Video 1.00 $12.00
Advanced Triphasic Training Methods by Matthew Van Dyke Video 1.00 $12.00
A Team Based Approach to High-Performance by Teena Murray & Ernie Rimer Video 1.00 $12.00


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University of Michigan Off-Season Strength Program by Aaron Wellman Video 1.00 $12.00
Then and Now: The Evolution of the Strength Coach Profession by Jeff Macy and Al Vermeil Video 1.00 $12.00
The Head, Heart, and Hands of Mentoring by Donnie Maib and Sandy Abney Video 1.00 $12.00
The Art of Coaching by Sarah Cahill Video 1.00 $12.00
Screening for Potential Injury: Science and Opinion by Eric Hegedus Video 1.00 $12.00
Rotational Bodyweight Training: Its Impact on Sports Performance by Robb Rogers Video 1.00 $12.00
Leadership, Motivation, and Team Building by Mickey Marotti Video 1.00 $12.00
Kettle Bell Basics: The Swing, Clean-N-Press, and The Snatch & How to Teach the Power Clean by Ethan Reeve and Tom Cross Video 1.00 $12.00
Integrating Nutrition Into Your Sports Performance Programs by Ryan Davis Video 1.00 $12.00
CHAOS Sport-Speed Training by Robert dos Remedios Video 1.00 $12.00
Basketball Specific Strength & Conditioning by Charles Stephenson Video 1.00 $12.00
Barbell Lifts in the Prediction of Short-Term Power Tasks by Charles Poliquin Video 1.00 $12.00
Athletic Performance: Taking our Profession to the Next Level by Pat Ivey Video 1.00 $12.00
Achieving Excellence in Collegiate Strength and Conditioning by Latrice Sales and Justin Paysinger Video 1.00 $12.00
A Spartan Perspective: Insights on Training, Coaching, and Mentoring by Ken Mannie Video 1.00 $12.00


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To stretch or not to stretch: the role of stretching in injury prevention and performance by M.P. McHugh and C.H. Cosgrave Article 1.00 $12.00
The Benefits of Olympic Style Lifting by Bud Charniga Video 1.00 $12.00
Sudden Death in Athletes Article 1.00 $12.00
Strength and Conditioning for Wrestling by Gary Calcagno Video 1.00 $12.00
Speed Diagnosis: the Key to Linking Testing and Training by Duane Carlisle Video 1.00 $12.00
Sickle Cell Trait Article 1.00 $12.00
Secrets to Success in Strength Training by Bill Gillespie Video 1.00 $12.00
Protecting the Health & Safety of the Athlete by Joe Rogowski Video 1.00 $12.00
Preparing for sudden cardiac arrest - the essential role of automated external defibrillators in athletic medicine: a critical review Article 1.00 $12.00
Player Development at North Dakota State University by Jim Kramer Video 1.00 $12.00
Nutrient Timing by Thomas Nesser Article 1.00 $12.00
Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Plyometric Training Program by Randall Dorvin Video 1.00 $12.00
Management of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes Article 1.00 $12.00
Legal Discipline - Don't Penalize Your Future! by Reed Wainwright Video 1.00 $12.00
Leadership and Overcoming Adversity by Eric Kapitulik Video 1.00 $12.00
Empowering, Developing, and Advancing a Successful Career in Athletics by Pattie Phillips Video 1.00 $12.00
Emergency Planning in Athletics Article 1.00 $12.00
Dueling Basketball Coaches by Charlie Melton and Jeremy Heffner Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
Protecting the Health & Safety of the Athlete by Ron Courson Video 1.00 $12.00
Northwestern University Football Off-Season Strength and Conditioning Program by Al Johnson Video 1.00 $12.00
Multi-Directional Speed for Sport Unleashed by Lee Taft Video 1.00 $12.00
Linear Speed Development in Field Sport Athletes by Todd Brown Video 1.00 $12.00
Kettlebell Presentation by Michael Skogg Video 1.00 $12.00
Incorporating Non-traditional S&C Tools into your current program by Robert dos Remedios Video 1.00 $12.00
Improving Athletic Performance and Power through Olympic-Style Lifting Movements by Richard Lansky Video 1.00 $12.00
Developing Foundational Strength by Vern Gambetta Video 1.00 $12.00
Building Bulletproof Softball Athletes by Teena Murray Video 1.00 $12.00
Baseball Strength and Conditioning by Billy Anderson Video 1.00 $12.00
Auto-Regulatory Training Methods for Sports Performance Development by Greg Werner Video 1.00 $12.00
Assessments & Alternatives in the Collegiate Setting by Matt Shadeed Video 1.00 $12.00
ACL Injury Prevention and Exercises and Protocols by Darren Edgington Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
Understanding Energy Systems in the Design of Athletic Training Programs by Declan Connolly Video 1.00 $12.00
Training Considerations for the University of North Dakota by Nate Baukol Video 1.00 $12.00
Training Considerations for Rotational Athletes by Zach Dechant Video 1.00 $12.00
Protecting the Health & Safety of the Athlete: The Weak Link by Jeff Allen Video 1.00 $12.00
Olympic-Style Weight Lifting the Bulgarian Method by Ivan Abadjiev Video 1.00 $12.00
Dueling Football Coaches by Jason Veltkamp and Matt Balis Video 1.00 $12.00
Chess, Not Checkers by Baylor Strength and Conditioning Staff Video 1.00 $12.00
Building a Multi-Directional Speed Program by Lee Taft Video 1.00 $12.00


name type units price
Short and longer-term effects of creatine supplementation on exercise induced muscle damage Article 1.00 $12.00
High-Intensity Training in Soccer Article 1.00 $12.00
Creatine supplementation enhances muscle force recovery after eccentrically-induced muscle damage in healthy individuals Article 1.00 $12.00
ACSM Position Stand: The Female Triad Athlete Article 1.00 $12.00
A Review of Issues of Dietary Protein Intake in Humans Article 1.00 $12.00