Lance Vermeil Scholarship Award

In 2012, MF Athletic/Perform Better, a CSCCa sponsor, instituted the $1500 Lance Vermeil Scholarship Award in memory of Lance Vermeil, who was an extremely qualified and dedicated young strength and conditioning coach. Coach Vermeil was committed to the profession of collegiate strength and conditioning and, most importantly, to serving and protecting the student-athlete.

CSCCa-approved mentors are encouraged to submit nomination letters for students, interns, or part-time strength and conditioning coaches on their staff who they believe are deserving of receiving this scholarship. Nominations are due each year by April 15th. These individuals must have shown a commitment to having a career in the field of strength and conditioning on the collegiate and/or professional level and must have demonstrated tremendous potential and inclination for this unique profession. In addition, this individual must be SCCC Certified or planning to sit for the SCCC Certification Exam at the upcoming National Conference.

Al Vermeil, the father of Lance and a 2007 Legend in the Field of Strength and Conditioning, presented the first inaugural Lance Vermeil Scholarship Award at the Master Strength and Conditioning Coaches Dinner and Ceremony at the CSCCa Annual National Conference.

2022 Male Scholarship Award Recipient-Zach_Cook

Zack Cook, University University of Sioux Falls

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2022 Male Scholarship Award Recipient-Michael_Kiely

Michael Kiely, Delaware State University

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2022 Female Scholarship Award Recipient

Haley Roberts, Sam Houston State University

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2021 Female Scholarship Award Recipient

Sianna DeCarli, Western Oregon University

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2021 Male Scholarship Award Recipient

Sean Robbins, Fresno State University

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2019 Female Scholarship Award Recipient

Kylie Katers, University of Mary

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2019 Male Scholarship Award Recipients

Jonathan Moore, Lamar University

Aaron Hall, New Mexico State University

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2018 Female Scholarship Award Recipient

Taryn Eubanks, Dallas Baptist University

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2018 Male Scholarship Award Recipient

Joseph C. Davey, University of Xavier

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2017 Scholarship Award Recipient

Richard Meldrum, University of Massachusetts Lowell

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2016 Scholarship Award Recipient

John McWilliams, University of Alabama

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2015 Scholarship Award Recipient

Natalie Kollars, University of Louisville

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2014 Scholarship Award Recipient

Alex Kloss, University of Iowa

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2013 Scholarship Award Recipient

Taylor Jones, Coastal Carolina University

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2012 Scholarship Award Recipient

Trevor Williams, Georgetown University

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