Lance Vermeil Scholarship Award 2018 Male Recipient:

Nomination of Joseph C. Davey
Matt Jennings, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, University of Xavier

The purpose of this nomination letter is to introduce Joey Davey, a trusted and valued member of the Xavier University Strength & Conditioning Staff for the past three years, as a potential candidate for The Lance Vermeil Award.

During Joey's tenure as an Unpaid / Volunteer Intern Strength & Conditioning Coach, I have had the opportunity to personally oversee his continued coaching development as he assists with the design, organization, administration, implementation, and evaluation of the training programs for our 300 Student-Athletes. Furthermore, Joey performed a variety of office management oriented tasks, as well as having full charge of the Strength & Conditioning Facility maintenance details and the Student-Athlete Fuel Station. Currently, he is a Graduate Assistant at the University of Wyoming.

Joey is routinely recognized by the Strength Staff, Athletes, and Coaches as being outstanding in leadership roles, attentive to details, plus reliable and friendly in the work place. Additionally, and most importantly, he is exceptionally effective in working and communicating with the Athletes, Coaches, and Staff who use the resources of the Strength & Conditioning Facility.

In conclusion, I would not hesitate to highly recommend Joey Davey for The Lance Vermeil Award. His daily devotion to the field of Strength & Conditioning, his passion for service to others, his long-term commitment to our profession, and his care for the Student-Athletes is both inspiring and motivating. If there is anything more you feel you would like to discuss regarding Joey's qualifications, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your valuable time and attention.