Lance Vermeil Scholarship Award 2018 Female Recipient:

Nomination of Taryn Eubanks
Dave Trevino, Director of Athletic Performance

I would like to nominate Taryn Eubanks for the 2018 Lance Vermeil Scholarship Award. The Lord brought Taryn to us in August 2017 as a graduate student and she immediately sought out our department. Soon after meeting her we hired her as a paid intern. I have had the privilege to work with Taryn over the last 5 months and over the course of that time she has grown so much. Being a female coach surrounded by males, Taryn brings a very uplifting dynamic to our department. She consistently brings contagious passion, energy and positivity to our weight room. In spite of a very demanding schedule and commute she has proved to be consistent, reliable, hardworking and trustworthy.

Coach Taryn has a varied history in strength and conditioning, exercise and training. This will be her 3rd collegiate weight room experience, as Taryn has had previous internships with both Colorado Mesa University and Metro State University strength and conditioning departments. She has also worked in both high school and private weight rooms. Throughout her various experiences she has accumulated experience working with multiple sports including hockey, football, golf, softball, cross-country, men's and women's basketball and more.

Taryn currently trains both the cheer and dance teams and assists with men's soccer, women's tennis, volleyball, and basketball here at DBU. Taryn is very committed to our athletes and endures a long daily commute to our facility. She conducts pre-game warm ups for both cheer, dance, and men's soccer during the season and attends nearly every practice.

Taryn has earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University with a concentration in sports conditioning and a minor in coaching and psychology. Taryn is currently working towards her Master of Science degree in kinesiology here at Dallas Baptist University. Coach Taryn walks the walk and can regularly be found training herself, experimenting and learning in our weight room.

Taryn has invested a great deal of her personal time and personal finances on professional development. She has traveled to numerous schools, universities and facilities within the Dallas/Fort Worth commuter circle. She is always reading and is continually asking questions in regards to training.

We are blessed to have Taryn as a member of our department. DBU and our student athletes are better because of her. Go Patriots!