Lance Vermeil Scholarship Award 2021 Male Recipients:

Nomination of Sean Robbins
Ron McKeefrey, Assistant Athletics Director - Sports Performance, Fresno State University
I am writing to nominate one of my Coaches for the Lance Vermeil Scholarship Award.

Sean Robbins has been exemplary in his role as an Assistant S&C here at Fresno State. Prior to coming to Fresno as a S&C fellow, he had completed internships at Stanford and North Dakota State. Most recently he was a Coaching Assistant at New Mexico State. He is currently a Strength and Conditioning Fellow at Fresno State University, and will be sitting for the SCCC at this year's conference.

It has not been an easy road for Sean chasing his dream of becoming a Division One Head S&C Coach. For the first four years of his coaching career he lived in a garage, worked a manual labor job, and went to school, while balancing an internship. Like many others he has couch surfed, slept in his car and/or office. For four months he did not have access to a car, because he couldn't get it fixed. Just as he was starting to see his career take the next step, he had to pause for 3 months to go back home to help his mother through chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Sean has been able to rebound and get his career back on track, but it hasn't been easy never making more than $22,000 in his career. Sean is a good young Coach that has paid his dues and then some. Lance Vermeil was someone that was committed, hard working, and a talented Coach. Sean embodies those same characteristics, and I believe an award like this would continue to provide him with encouragement to continue to chase his dreams.