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Gatorade Thirst Quencher and Gatorade Performance Series.

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Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Strengh & Conditioning Equipment;Official Provider of Olympic and Power Lifting Bars and Bumper Plates for the CSCCa

For almost 50 years, Eleiko has taken an active part in the international world of weightlifting, powerlifting, and strength and conditioning. Since 1963, when the Eleiko equipment was first used in an International Weightlifting Championship, more than 900 world records have been set with an Eleiko barbell. That is probably a world record in itself... It is without a doubt THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS BARBELL. The perfect balance, the firm but not too sharp a grip and the rotation at optimum speed has contributed to raving reviews around the world and created the expression THE ELEIKO FEELING.

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Official Supplier of Weight Room and Running Surface Solutions for the CSCCa

Mondo's wide ranges of sports flooring products are engineered to meet the specific needs of every athletic facility; from gymnasiums, weight rooms and cardio areas to indoor and outdoor running tracks. Mondo has combined quality, durability and performance in its various product lines. Engineered to withstand punishment from free weights and barbells. It combines exceptional shock absorption and energy return for unparalleled safety and comfort.

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NOW Sports

Gold Sponsor of the CSCCa

At NOW Sports, we are all about natural, unadulterated sports nutrition supplements that legitimately enhance performance. Our products contain natural ingredients and absolutely no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. All NOW products are quality and purity tested. We also heavily invest in the Informed-Sport certification to assure our athletes that our products are steroid free and the vast majority are also free of all banned substances. Our comprehensive sports nutrition line offers over 140 products that cover the needs of everyone from everyday fitness enthusiast to collegiate and professional athletes, including pre-workout, intra-workout, post-workout, strength/mass training, endurance training, and recovery formulated products. We also support current dietary trend and dietary restriction by offering products that comply with ketogenic, paleo, Whole30, diary-free, gluten-free and sugar-free lifestyles.

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Build Your Base

Gold Sponsor of the CSCCa

Beef Logic Inc. works alongside Build Your Base program partners in delivering whole plate nutrition education with a common-sense approach in meal planning. This comprehensive sports nutrition program written in partnership between the Sanford Sports Science Institute and the South Dakota Beef Industry Council utilizes beef as its premier protein. It strives to prepare athletes and their families for a successful sports season through ready-to-use materials, best-in-class sports nutrition education, and high-quality protein to support optimal performance. The program offers free expertise, resources, and meal plans from renowned experts in the sports nutrition field and opportunities to engage and experience beef through community and beef partnerships across the U.S. Learn more about the Build Your Base program by visiting

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Firstbeat Technologies

Bronze Sponsor of the CSCCa

Firstbeat Sports is a single-platform athlete-monitoring solution that helps you optimize performance, reduce injury risk and fast-track player development. It provides data on internal and external training load, intensity, fitness testing, performance readiness, stress, and recovery in one place. Over 23,000 athletes representing over 1,000 teams around the world rely on Firstbeat Sports for their advanced physiological metrics.

Benjamin Jensen       435.363.9533

The Right Stuff

Official CSCCa Silver Sponsor

The Right Stuff is an electrolyte, liquid-concentrate, drink additive from NASA for athletes who train and compete hard. The Right Stuff was developed because Astronauts suffer severe dehydration when they come back into the gravity of Earth. NASA spent over a decade conducting clinical studies to create the optimal formula. Numerous studies show, The Right Stuff is far superior for:

  1. Combating the symptoms (cramps, muscle fatigue, light-headedness etc.) caused by heavy sweating, dehydration and electrolyte loss.
  2. Improving core thermoregulation; protecting the body from overheating in high heat settings and times of intense exertion.
  3. Increasing endurance by over 20% more than any other NASA-tested formula.
  1. Many pro teams (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL & MLS) and Olympic athletes.
  2. Universities across the US including schools from AAC, ACC, B1G, Big 12, Colonial, C-USA, Ivy, MAC, Mountain West, Pac 12 and SEC among other conferences.
  3. Endurance athletes: Cyclists, Triathletes, Runners and Adventure Racers etc..
  4. First responders: Military, Fire Fighters etc. and industrial workers.
HOW DOES IT WORK? The NASA-developed high-concentration, blend of electrolytes with no sugar goes into your bloodstream more rapidly than any other NASA-tested formula. It protects more quickly from dehydration symptoms AND it protects longer! The Right Stuff is NSF Certified for Sport and it contains NO sugar, stimulants, added colors, artificial flavors plus NO gluten, dairy, nuts, meat or shellfish.

David Belaga       720.684.6584


Bronze Sponsor of the CSCCa

Momentous is a nutrition company dedicated to creating no-compromise products and tools that support the endless pursuit of progress in human health and performance. Momentous leverages a one-of-a-kind network in professional sports to create products with performance experts from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB and NCAA. Starting with a line of protein powders released in 2018, these products are now purchased by more than 75 elite teams and countless professional athletes. Momentous prides itself on empowering performance at every level and in every discipline.

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Bronze Sponsor of the CSCCa

Dominance. Measured Rep by Rep since 2011. #RepByRep

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Power Lift

Bronze Sponsor of the CSCCa

Power Lift began in 1999 with a plan to manufacture Olympic lifting platforms for athletic and sports performance facilities, we pride ourselves with being an innovator in this exclusive market. One of the key components to this success is our precise engineering process, as well as the high quality of our manufacturing. The Power Lift equipment is popular for its unique design and appearance, professional and student athletic recruiting appeal and its safe, multifunctional training capabilities.

Mike Richardson       800-872-1543

Keiser Corporation

Manufacturers of Performance Training Equipment

For the past three decades Keiser has been changing the way people of all ages and abilities exercise while helping to improve their performance and quality of life. Keiser produces low impact, pneumatic resistance equipment utilized by athletes, fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation experts worldwide. Their users are linked by one common goal: the ability to train at any speed without fear of injury. With a focus on power development for all walks of life, it is Keiser?s passion to challenge the barriers of traditional thinking to continually expand the limits of human performance.

Chad Keiser       800.888.7009

Perform Better

Functional Training and rehabilitation Equipment

Perform Better continues to be your guide to functional training, conditioning and rehabilitation. We strive to provide the very best, whether it is our seminar series, equipment or customer support. You will find our catalog includes the tools to improve strength, speed, agility and the total body performance of your clients.

John Brock       401.942.9363

Rogers Athletics

Strength Training Equipment

The most serious athletes train with Rogers Athletic Strength Training equipment. Our innovative Brute Rack System will give your athletes a closed-chain, free-weight training experience. Our revolutionary Pendulum plate-loaded machines allows athletes of all sizes and levels to super-target and maximize the benefits of muscle groups more safely with less stress on the spine and the body's more fragile joints.

Kyle Camp       989.386.2950

Samson Equipment Company

Strength Training Equipment

Being a factory direct manufacturer, we are able to make any product a custom order. Many of our products were originally designed by customers just like you. In the unlimited world of strength training, SAMSON takes pride in providing our customers with the quality and service that not only makes our product "BUILT FOR STRENGTH", but also "BUILT FOR YOU"!

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Woodway USA

Treadmill Manufacturer

WOODWAY is the manufacturer of the world's finest treadmill. We specialize in high end, custom designed and hand built treadmills for fitness training, medical rehabilitation, and human performance. As a company we have been at the forefront of testing and training technology for over 30 years.

Eric Weber       800.966.3929

Rapid Performance Products

Official CSCCa Sponsor

Muscle recovery is essential in repairing our bodies to perform at a high level everyday. Whether from a hard days work or strenuous workout, the faster our muscles can recover, the more we will have to give when the next challenge presents itself. Rapid Performance Products were developed with this in mind. Following guidelines set by the NCAA for school sponsored nutrition for athletes, the goal was to provide all natural muscle recovery products to promote quick response recovery to your muscles, while providing anti inflammatory benefits to extend the stamina of your muscles. Train, Recover, Repeat with Rapid Performance Products.

Jeremy Paszczak       920.856.6767


Official CSCCa Sponsor

BiPro's nutritional profile and delicious taste make it the protein of choice for strength and conditioning coaches. An all-natural whey protein isolate, BiPro provides clean protein without artificial ingredients, sugars and unnecessary fillers. Our unique process of isolation is gentle and yields a product that is pure and contains all essential and branched chain amino acids naturally (no need to add BCAA's). BiPro is widely used by many of the country's top professional, elite and collegiate programs. NSF Certified for Sport, BiPro is tested by an independent third party to ensure it's free of banned substances.

Nik Randall       1.877.692.4776

Matrix Fitness

Official Sponsor of the CSCCa

At Matrix Fitness, we know the path to victory starts long before your team takes the field. Our high-performance training equipment will help your athletes get the most out of every moment of their workout. With dozens of ways to customize our equipment, you can make sure your athletes are getting the work they need, where they need it. And since your team never takes a day off, every piece that hits your floor will come with the durability to stand up to rigorous exercise day after day for years. Matrix Fitness - victory starts here.

Randy Meyer       414.308.7284

Under Armour

Official Sponsor of the CSCCa Since 2009

Founded in 1996 by former University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank, Under Armour is the originator of performance apparel - gear engineered to keep athletes cool, dry and light throughout the course of a game, practice or workout. The technology behind Under Armour's diverse product assortment for men, women and youth is complex, but the program for reaping the benefits is simple: wear HeatGear? when it's hot, ColdGear? when it's cold, and AllSeasonGear? between the extremes. Under Armour's mission is to provide the world with technically advanced products engineered with our superior fabric construction, exclusive moisture management, and proven innovation. Every Under Armour product is doing something for you; it's making you better.

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