Certification Boards

Dr. Michael Waller


Michael Waller



Professional Experience:

  • Department of Exercise Science and Health, University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, IN (2013 to Present) Assistant Professor for kinesiology, biomechanics, strength & conditioning, and exercise coaching courses, utilizing lecture and lab formats for undergraduate students. Additional duties involve managing the fitness center used by students, staff, faculty, and athletics.
  • Department of Human Performance and Physical Education, Adams State College, Alamosa CO (2011 to 2013): Assistant Professor for exercise physiology and biomechanics courses instructing lecture, and lab courses for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Department of Exercise and Sport Science, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT (2008-2011): Doctoral student in exercise physiology and Teaching Assistant for lecture, activity and lab courses for undergraduate students.
  • Velocity Sports Performance, Lehi, UT (2009 to 2010): Employed as a Strength and Conditioning Coach to develop and implement strength-conditioning programs for high school and collegiate athletes. Coaching duties involve training session development and instruction of weightlifting movements, plyometric drills, strength exercises, speed & agility drills and rehabilitative exercises.
  • WCS - Occupational Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine / WCS - Gattone Sports Performance; Hillside, IL, Naperville, IL and Barrington, IL (2005 to 2008): Employed as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Coach to develop and implement strength-conditioning programs for work hardening patients, high school and collegiate athletes. Program development was periodized based that incorporated weightlifting movements, plyometric drills, strength exercises, speed & agility drills and rehabilitative exercises.
  • Highland Park Hospital Health and Fitness, Buffalo Grove, IL (1999 - 2005): Fitness Director/Personal Trainer with duties that included managing and educating Fitness Department staff, conducted occasional group exercise classes, budget development/management, fitness programming and marketing development, client strength-conditioning program development/implementation, exercise equipment maintenance/repair and assisted in overall facility upkeep. Additional duties involved guest lecturing at company clients on health and fitness related topics.
  • East Bank Club, Chicago, IL (1995 - 1999): Personal Trainer/ (Fitness Department Coordinator) with duties including client strength-conditioning program development/implementation, managing of Fitness Department staff, and program development.
  • YMCA of McDonough County, Macomb, IL (1993 - 1995): Fitness Consultant with duties that included membership strength-conditioning program development, group exercise class instruction, fitness education and exercise equipment maintenance/repair.
  • Peer-Reviewed Articles:

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    Courses taught:

    Adams State University

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Introduction to Research
  • Exercise Evaluation & Fitness
  • Strength and Conditioning-Graduate
  • Biomechanics-Graduate
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • University of Utah

  • Circuit Training
  • Flexibility for Sport
  • Intermediate Weight-training
  • Resistance Training for Health & Rehabilitation
  • Exercise Programming
  • Training and Planning -Undergraduate
  • Memberships:

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (1993)