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Dr. Christopher Taber


Dr. Christopher Taber is an Assistant Professor at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield Connecticut. His teaching responsibilities included sports physiology and strength and conditioning. In addition to his teaching responsibilities Christopher is the head coach of the Sacred Heart Olympic Weightlifting team. His research interests are in long-term athlete monitoring, strength and power development, and periodization.

Prior to teaching at Sacred Heart Christopher completed his doctoral work at East Tennessee State University where he served as a sport scientist and assistant weightlifting coach for the Olympic Training Site. Christopher completed his master’s in Sports Performance and Injury Prevention from California University of Pennsylvania and he completed his undergraduate studies at the Pennsylvania State University in Kinesiology. In addition, Christopher holds several certifications from the NSCA, USAW, and ACSM.

Christopher has competed many strength sports and now competes in the sport of weightlifting. He competes and coaches for East Coast Gold weightlifting team and is coached by Leo Totten. Christopher has qualified and competed at the American Open final’s and completed both locally and regionally.


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