2013 National Conference

Scheduled speakers

Adam Feit

YSCCa Roundtable Discussion

Bill Gillespie

Secrets to Success in Strength Training

Bud Charniga

The Benefits of Olympic Style Lifting and How They Transfer to Improve Explosive Sports Performance

Charlie Melton

Dueling Basketball Coaches

Duane Carlisle

Speed Diagnosis: The Key to Linking Testing and Training

Eric Kapitulik

Leadership and Overcoming Adversity

Erik Korem

High Performance: Programming and Managing the Training Process

Gary Calcagno

Oklahoma State University Strength and Conditioning for Wrestling

Jan Todd

Building Better Athletes: An Illustrated History

Jeremy Heffner

Dueling Basketball Coaches

Jim Kramer

North Dakota State Strength and Conditioning

Joe Rogowski

Protecting the Health & Safety of the Athlete

Megan Young

Diversity in Coaching: Making an Impact Beyond Training and Performance

Patti Phillips

Empowering, Developing, and Advancing a Successful Career in Athletics

Paul Longo

Winning in the 4th Quarter

Randall Dorvin

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Plyometric Training

Reed Wainwright

Legal Discipline - Don't Penalize Your Future!

Stacey Torman

Maximizing Volleyball and Other Court Sports Performance

Terry Todd

Building Better Athletes: An Illustrated History